"Dragon Egg" Handmade Chaozhou Teapot

This 110ml handmade Chaozhou teapot is crafted in a classical Dragon Egg shape, caroled by Qing Dynasty poet Wu Dingme. Chaozhou clay, with its excellent heat-retaining properties, is high in iron oxide but less porous than Yixing ZiSha (primarily due to higher firing temperature) and is good at preserving tea's bright, floral notes. This teapot is a perfect match for your floral Dan Cong Oolongs.

Pay in 4 installments of $49.25
Porcelain Gaiwan with Handwritten Calligraphy

A gaiwan, used for infusing tea leaves, allows the tea-drinker to smell the aroma, and to observe the tea leaves unfurling. This 110ml Porcelain Gaiwan is a perfect vessel to bring out the true taste and aroma of tea.

Chaozhou Stove and Clay Kettle

What can be more enticing than watching rising steam, listening to crackling charcoal, boiling water, and a Chaozhou clay kettle clacking lid? The Chaozhou charcoal stove and clay kettle are a must-have if you are serious about Gong Fu Cha. It will transform the entire tea experience by taking it to the next level. Many argue that water boiled on the open fire in a clay kettle is so much better than the one boiled in a stainless steel electric kettle.

Pay in 4 installments of $54.50