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Standard Matcha (Japan)


A young monk came to the wise tea master Lao Cha and asked him:

– Sensei, every time I sit down to meditate I’m falling asleep. But if I drink coffee, I get restless. Spending my days studying I feel that I’m lacking vitamins and energy and it becomes harder and harder for me to concentrate on Buddha’s teachings.

– Your problem is easy to resolve, young man. Your answer is Matcha. It is the healthiest tea of all. We call it “a miracle in a cup”. Just drink it and you’ll see. 


Matcha is stone-ground tencha – green tea often used for the production of Gyokuro. A few weeks before the harvest, the tea bushes are shaded from direct sunlight. Shading tea helps the leaves to stack up on theanine and chlorophyll. It results in extra sweetness, umami, a higher level of L-theanine, and other stimulating amino acids responsible for matcha's unique bounty of energy. Before milling, every single leaf is carefully de-stemmed and de-veined. 

Our organic matcha is made from the springtime harvest of tencha of Kanayamidori, Asanoka, Saemidori, and Yabukita cultivars that are grown on a family farm in Shizuoka, Japan. The farm is located on verdant mountain slopes. The steep terrain prevents the use of machinery, so all leaves are tended to and harvested by hand. This allows the farmers to get close and personal with their tea plants – a very important factor in producing high-quality tea leaves. 

Our organic matcha is praised for its umami sweetness, creamy taste, and invigorating energy. You can use it for cooking, making matcha latte, or in cha no yu, a traditional ceremonial manner that uses a tea bowl and a bamboo tea whisk.

Brewing guidelines:

Using a small sifter sift into a matcha bowl (chawan) few bamboo scoops (chashaku) of matcha. We recommend using about 3 scoops per 3.5fl oz / 100ml.

Start slowly adding water of about 175-185ºF / 80-85ºC 

Using a chasen (the whisk) whisk vigorously in a zigzag (but not circular) motion. Do not scratch the bottom of the chawan. Keep whisking until all the powder is dissolved and the tea is frothy. To achieve a better result, keep turning the chawan counterclockwise while whisking.


Video on How to Make Matcha

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