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"White Crane" Gaiwan


This graceful turquoise Gaiwan is adorned with delicate depictions of a white crane — a symbol of longevity and peace in Chinese culture. Fun fact: Back in imperial times, those majestic birds were even embroidered on officials' robes to showcase their rank. 

Let's dive into the magic of using a small infuser like the Gaiwan. Something special happens when you brew tea using this vessel Gong Fu Cha style. You create concentrated quantities of tea that capture the essence of the tea leaves. It's like unlocking a treasure trove of flavors and aromas! And the best part? You can extract every bit of goodness from those tea leaves by adding hot water to them repeatedly. With top-notch teas, you can even infuse the same leaves ten times or more! Talk about getting the most out of your tea.

With each infusion, something really cool happens – the tea undergoes a transformation. The taste, color, and aroma – all evolve and shift, creating a truly dynamic tea experience. It's like embarking on a journey of discovery with every sip. You can savor each infusion mindfully, appreciating the subtle nuances that arise. It's a sensory adventure that deepens your connection with the tea and heightens your tea appreciation skills.

Using a Gaiwan enhances your tea experience and maximizes the amount of brewed tea you get from each serving of leaves. It's a win-win! You can savor more delicious cups without wasting a precious drop. It's a great way to make the most of your tea stash and enjoy every ounce of flavor it has to offer.

So, my friend, prepare to be captivated the next time you grab your Gaiwan. With each infusion, you'll unlock a new layer of taste and inhale intoxicating aromas. It's an invitation to immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Gong Fu Cha, where the Gaiwan is your trusty guide. Let it take you on a journey of discovery and appreciation for the art of tea.


• Capacity: 140ml
• Material: Ceramic, Glazed  


NOTE: Each piece's glaze is unique. The actual colors and patterns may significantly differ from the ones in the photos.  

NOTE: Teaware easily absorbs taste and aromas and should never be washed using detergents.

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