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Japanese Kyusu Teapot (Tokoname Clay)


The Tokoname clay kyusu teapot, a testament to Japan's rich pottery heritage, holds a profound history that stretches back over 900 years to the elegant days of the Heian Period. Renowned as one of Japan's six original kiln styles, it has captured the hearts of tea enthusiasts with its unique qualities. Sourced from the Tokoname region in Aichi Prefecture, known for its pottery tradition, Tokoname clay teapots embody the local charm.

When brewing tea, Tokoname clay's porous nature interacts with the tea's tannins, diminishing bitterness. The result is a smoother, more balanced brew, allowing delicate flavors of the tea to shine through. But the beauty of a Tokoname clay kyusu teapot doesn't stop there. Over time, as you use it to brew your favorite teas, a transformation is taking place. The clay absorbs the teas, building a patina that tells the story of your tea journey. With each infusion, the teapot becomes more lustrous and alive, reflecting its owner's unique character and preferences. It becomes a faithful companion, adapting and evolving with you as you explore the world of tea.

A notable feature of this Tokoname clay kyusu teapot is its mesh lining filter integrated into its design. This filter ensures a smooth and seamless pouring experience, preventing the passage of even the tiniest particles and allowing only pure and aromatic tea liquor into your cup.

Holding the Tokoname kyusu teapot in your hands invites you to embark on a journey, exploring the nuances of flavor and aroma each cup of tea brings. With every pour, the teapot becomes an extension of your appreciation for the art of tea, a vessel that holds the history and spirit of the Tokoname region within its form.

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Japanese pottery, embracing the warmth that the Tokoname clay kyusu teapot brings to your tea rituals.


Capacity: 350ml

Material: Tokoname clay (常滑粘土), unglazed. Stainless steel filter mesh


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

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