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Handmade Shiboridashi Teapot (Tokoname Clay)


Immerse yourself in the tranquil world of Japanese tea, where every sip unfolds a story of craftsmanship and flavor. In this realm of tea, shiboridashi takes center stage, a Japanese tea-brewing vessel reminiscent of the gaiwan. With its unique design, featuring a lip-spout at the top and a lid that acts as a filter, shiboridashi ensures a smooth flow of tea, capturing the essence of the tea leaves within.

Specially adapted for cooler temperature brewing, shiboridashi finds its perfect match in high-end shaded Japanese teas like Gyokuro, renowned for their exquisite flavors. It also shines when brewing premium Sen Cha, elevating the tea experience to new heights. As its name suggests, "shiboridashi" means "to squeeze out," emphasizing its ability to extract and deliver the full umami richness that these exceptional teas possess.

Handcrafted from unglazed Tokoname black clay, this shiboridashi teapot exudes a rustic charm that enhances the tea-drinking journey. Tokoname clay teapots hold a special place in Japanese tea culture, with a history that traces back to the 8th century Heian Period. The clay's unique composition interacts with the tea's tannins, reducing bitterness and creating a harmonious balance of flavors. Over time and with each brewing session, the unglazed vessel absorbs the essence of the teas brewed within, developing a patina that reflects the individuality of its owner – a true testament to the shared experiences and moments of serenity found in the world of tea.

When you embark on a solo tea session with this shiboridashi, you embrace a profoundly personal and meditative tea experience. The size of this handmade vessel is perfectly suited for these moments of introspection, allowing you to focus on the intricate flavors and aromas that unfold with each infusion. As the tea leaves dance within the unglazed shibo, their essence melds with the rich heritage of Tokoname clay, creating a connection between past and present, nature and human craftsmanship.

So, let the shibo guide you as you explore the world of Japanese tea. Through its artful design and the warmth of Tokoname clay, it invites you to savor the delicate nuances of Japanese green tea. Embrace the tranquility and grace this teaware offers as you embark on a personal tea journey that connects you with the centuries-old traditions of Japan.


Capacity: 80ml

Size: 3" x 2" / 7.6 x 5cm

Material: Tokoname black clay, unglazed


NOTE: This shiboridashi is handcrafted. It makes each piece unique and one of a kind. Thus the shibo that you will receive may slightly differ from the photos.

NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Samuel Coleridge
My Gyokuro go to!

Such an excellent little tea pot! The clay elevates the complexity of my Gyokuro tea sessions!

Bruce Willington
Good clay

I got this shibo for brewing Gyokuro and am very happy about this purchase: good craftsmanship, elegant look, good clay, perfect size for premium teas like gyokuro / kabusecha.