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Black Pottery Tea Strainer


Crafted with precision from clay and a durable metal net, this Tea Filter ensures a hassle-free tea brewing experience by effortlessly capturing tea leaves and minuscule particles. Enjoy a cup of tea that is refreshing, vibrant, and full of flavor, thanks to this efficient strainer.

Designed with a natural and unassuming style, our Tea Filter exhibits a charming stone texture that exemplifies the essence of Zen Style (Chan Feng) Black Pottery. Its simplicity and authenticity make it a true representation of this distinctive ceramic tradition.

Black Pottery, characterized by its carburizing process, symbolizes the powerful combination of earth and fire—a remarkable fusion of strength and beauty. Our Tea Filter carries this rich heritage, embodying the harmonious balance between robustness and elegance in every sip.

Appreciate the straightforwardness of tea preparation as you rely on the sturdy clay and fine metal net to strain your tea. Experience the delight of a clear and luminous infusion that awakens your senses, showcasing the true essence of your favorite tea leaves.

Elevate your tea moments with our Tea Filter, a humble yet indispensable tool that effortlessly blends functionality and authenticity. Discover the genuine craftsmanship behind the art of Black Pottery as you embrace the natural elements of earth and fire, bringing a touch of grounded simplicity to your tea rituals.


  • Made in: Fujian, China
  • Material: Black pottery, metal net
  • Dimensions: 3.3"x2.4" (8.5x6cm)

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