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Lychee GongFu Black Tea

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A young monk asked the wise tea master Lao Cha: 

– Sensei, I love sweets and fruits. But doctors told me that I can’t have them if I want to take care of my health. What to do? How can I satisfy my cravings, yet stay healthy?

– Have some Lychee Red Tea. 


Lychee is a small sweet fruit found in tropical Asian and Indian climates. In order to make Lychee black tea, both fresh and dried lychee are smoked at low temperatures for a fair duration of time. Gongfu black tea is incorporated during this process for the absorption of the mellow aroma and sweet remnants of the adjacent Lychee.

The tea garden at which this black tea growing is located in the famous mountains of Fujian Province of China, about 600 meters above the sea level. The surrounding camel-hump knolls and thick forestry help supply a unique ecology of cloud and mist regularly. This serves to enrich the quality of tea in the region.

The sugary addition of Lychee provides some specialty in its pairing with a fermented black counterpart. It can be brewed with lemon or rose for added complexity and adaptation. It also makes a great iced tea and is popular in Taiwan for making famous bubble tea drinks.


  • Place of Origin: Black Tea - Panxi Town, Fuding, Fujian Province, China | Lychee - Qingyuan, Guandong Province, China
  • Harvest Date: June, 2017
  • Dry Leaf:  Even in shape and jet black in color
  • Aroma: Strong lychee aroma
  • TasteStrong lychee flavor. Taste is smooth, sweet and mellow
  • Tea Species:  Fuding Cai Cha
  • Fermentation: Fully fermented
  • Caffeine level: Low 


How to brew loose leaf tea, Western Method:


Brewing guidelines: 

     195℉ / 90℃ 

 4g    3-4min 

 6g    Rinse. Then 10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion


How to brew loose leaf tea, GongFu style: 

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