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Handmade Balinese Wood Cha He (Tea Holder)


The Cha He, also known as the "tea box," plays a significant role in the tea ritual, serving as a vessel for tea introduction. In the Chinese tea ceremony tradition, it is customary to acquaint oneself with the tea before brewing. The Cha He allows us to observe the appearance of the tea and appreciate its fragrance by inhaling deeply through the nose. This initial interaction with the tea sets the stage for a deeper connection with the brew that will be enjoyed.

Once we have familiarized ourselves with the tea's visual characteristics and aroma, the next step is to gently transfer it from the Cha He to the brewing vessel using a designated tea stick. This careful process ensures that the tea is transferred smoothly without any spills or scattering. The Cha He acts as a bridge, facilitating the transition of the tea into the teapot or gaiwan, preparing it for the brewing stage of the ceremony.

The choice of Cha He is essential as it should complement the tea itself. Many tea connoisseurs prefer Cha He made from natural materials like wood. This exquisite wooden Cha He is meticulously hand-carved by a skilled woodmaster Sergey who left Europe to live in hassle-free, quiet and traditional Bali, Indonesia, and to work with locally sourced wood.

The natural patterns found in the wood, along with the master's craftsmanship and deep appreciation for tea and its traditions, converge to create Cha He that is visually pleasing and tactilely satisfying. Holding, looking at, and using such a piece adds a sense of elegance to the tea ceremony, enhancing the overall experience.

The presence of a well-crafted Cha He elevates the ambiance and creates a harmonious environment for the tea ceremony. It serves as a reminder of tea's rich history and cultural significance. The combination of natural materials, skilled craftsmanship, and the deep understanding of tea traditions embodied in the Cha He enhances the tea experience, helping to establish the right mood and mindset for a truly immersive and captivating tea ceremony. With every interaction and exchange with the Cha He, we are reminded of the beauty and reverence that accompanies the art of tea.


Size: 4.7 x 2.3 x 1.4 in / 12 x 5.8 x 3.5 cm

"Mouth": 2" / 5 cm

Material: Teak wood

Comes with the tea stick


NOTE: Each piece is made of natural wood. Each pattern is unique and cannot be repeated, as Nature itself cannot repeat itself. The Cha He you'll receive will have a different pattern than what you see in the pictures. 

NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

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