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Gong Mei White Tea Mini-Cake (5g each)


 – Shifu, today I had my usual cup of white tea. Suddenly, the air filled with the heavenly smell of fruits and flowers. It felt like I was in the divine gardens of Heaven. How could that be? 

– My boy, you still have a long way to go here on Earth. This Gong Mei tea does not come from Heaven but from our brothers in the temple. The processing is a well-kept secret. It fills the scent and taste of this Bai Cha with the essence of fruits and flowers. One day, the secret will be passed down to you. Now, enjoy your tea ritual.  

This Gong Mei tea comes from a garden in the renowned Wuyi Shan Tong Mu Guan – the heartland of the famous Lapsang Souchong and Jin Jun Mei tea. Wuyi Mountain region is a picturesque landscape adorned with peaks, valleys, and a river curving through nine bends. Although not towering, the peaks are often draped in a veil of mist and fog. This moisture descends upon the rocky slopes, nurturing the tea plants at their roots. Enriched with minerals, the tea leaves develop a distinctive flavor known as Yan Yun, or "rock rhyme." This unique taste has made Wuyi Tea celebrated far and wide.

The tea garden in Guwan Keng sits at an altitude of approximately 1000 meters above sea level. Nestled in the wilderness of the unique terroir of Wuyi Shan, the tea garden provides the perfect environment for tea plants to thrive. Qi Zhong is a blend of indigenous varietals of Wuyi Mountain. These native ancient tea bushes grow from seeds. Their roots extend deep into the ground, allowing them to absorb minerals, and the tea they produce exhibits a long-lasting sweet finish. Using an old local cultivar, the same cultivar that is used for Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong, adds to this Gong Mei's unique and authentic character.

The production process involves several meticulous steps: First, farmers carefully handpick the fresh leaves. Next, the leaves undergo an outdoor withering process, spread out to dry at a temperature of around 20ºC for 45 minutes. Then, a gentle oxidation process follows, akin to the technique used in crafting oolong tea, with skilled hands shaking the leaves. After that, the tea undergoes outdoor drying for three days before one last drying by machine. Then, the tea is hand-pressed for further storage and aging.

As you probably noticed, the production of our Gong Mei includes a unique additional step that enhances the flavor profile of this special Bai Cha. It consists in adding a shaking process, usually used in the production of Wuyi Rock tea. The gentle shaking allows for a slight fermentation of the tea leaves. As a result, the tea boasts a sweet and soft taste and an intense, long-lasting aroma.

The careful selection of this local cultivar, combined with the nurturing provided by the unspoiled environment, results in a tea with a soft, delicate taste. Due to the unique processing, this Wuyi tea has a natural sweetness that lingers for a good while on the palate in an uplifting and refreshing tea experience. Once you unwrap the tea, a highly fragrant and sweet aroma will fill the air with tasteful floral notes. As you take a sip, you'll be delighted by the taste of forest foliage and ripe fruits dancing on your palate. The delightful scents of roses, carnations, and tropical fruits blend together, creating an enticing experience for your senses. The sweetness lingers, leaving a long-lasting and satisfying finish. This white tea offers a unique combination of floral and fruity notes, making it a delightful and refreshing choice for tea enthusiasts looking for a flavorful and aromatic experience.


  • Place of Origin: Tong Mu Guan, Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province, China  
  • Altitude: 1000m
  • Harvest Time: October 2022
  • Pressed: December 2022 
  • Picking Standard: 1 bud & and 2 leaves
  • Aroma: Very fragrant and sweet aroma. Notes of roses, carnations and tropical fruits
  • Taste: Forest foliage & fruits. Long-lasting sweet finish 
  • Cultivar: Wuyi Cai Cha (武夷菜茶) – Qi Zhong (奇种) 

Brewing guidelines:

        185℉ / 85℃  

1g per 50ml   3-5min

     1g per 20ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

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