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"Black & White" White Tea with Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake (200g)


In the mist-shrouded mountains of Yunnan, wise master Lao Cha beckoned his young disciple to come closer. In his hands, he cradled a tea cake as unique as the pattern of a snowflake. "This", he said with a twinkle in his eye, "is a tea that tells the tale of two siblings from the same mountainous cradle – one robust and dark, the other delicate and fair."

The disciple leaned in, observing the tea cake. "Master, how come this cake seems to hold both night and day within its leaves?"

With a nod, Lao Cha replied, "Just as the mountain embraces both shadow and light, this tea cake, too, finds strength in its diversity. It's a lesson for us all – that beauty often lies in the blend of differences. A tea that, like life, is neither just white nor black but a symphony of both. It is a reminder that the richest experiences often come from the most unexpected combinations."

Explore the unique fusion of our "Black and White" – White Tea with Pu-erh Tea cake: A balanced blend of Shou Pu-erh and Bai Mudan White Tea from the high elevations of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province. This 200g tea cake is a study in contrasts, melding the robust leaves of Shou Pu-erh from Mt. Bulang's wild trees growing at 1600 meters, with the delicate silvery-white buds of wild Bai Mudan, growing at 1500 meters in Jingna's rich biodiversity.

The visual appeal is immediate: dark, thick Pu-erh leaves interplay with the silvery-white hues of white tea. When steeped, they unite to create a rich, substantial tea soup that carries the smooth, deep flavors of Pu-erh, complemented by the subtle elegance of white tea's aromatic profile.

Sip by sip, infusion after infusion, a complex array of aromas unfolds. Earthy mushroom tones lay the foundation, with a heart of sourdough and rosehip nuances, all crowned by a delicate, flowery finish. It's an experience that engages the palate on multiple levels.

What's more, this tea cake is alive with potential, thanks to the living enzymes preserved during its careful processing. With time, these enzymes will continue transforming the tea leaves' inner content, further shaping the cake's character. This dynamic evolution of taste and aroma ensures you will rediscover the tea in your cup again and again over time! It makes the "Black & White" tea cake not just a beverage for the present but also an investment for the future. This tea is ideal for those interested in storing and aging their own tea. You will appreciate the changes that years can bring to a fine tea. It also makes for a wonderful present for tea lovers, equally good to drink on the spot or to serve as a nice reminder during storing and aging.

If you're looking to add a unique item to your tea collection, look no further. This "Black & White" White and Shou Pu-erh Tea cake stands ready to impress with its depth and harmonious marriage of taste and aroma contrasts. We invite you on a journey beyond black and white. Expect the unexpected.


• Place of Origin:
Shou Pu-erh: Mt. Bulang, Xishuangbana, Yunnan
White tea: Jingna, Xishuangbana, Yunnan
• Altitude: 
• Harvest Time:
Shou Pu-erh: February 2023
White tea: May 2023
• Picking Standard:
Shou Pu-erh: a bud and two leaves
White tea: a bud and two leaves (Bai Mudan)
• Aroma: Sour bread and rose hip
• Taste: Sweet and mellow with notes of honey and rose hip 
• Tea Tree:
Shou Pu-erh:  Da Ye Zhong (大叶种), about 50 years old
White Tea: Pu Jing Da Ya (普景大芽), about 30 years old


Brewing guidelines:

        205-212ºF / 95-100℃ 

1g per 50ml   3-5min

    1g per 20ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Black & White Pu-reh Tea

its very delicious a nice mix of white and ripe pu-reh. I can taste a little sweetness with it. I'm going to try it with rose petals.

Great Pu-erh!

If you like something warm, sweet and mellow, then give this one a try! Seriously,it smelled and tasted like a desert but in liquid form.