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"Nickel" Shou Mei White Tea Mini-Cake, 2011 (5g each)


A young monk and the wise tea master Lao Cha was once sitting atop a Wuyi Mountain in Fujian province, slowly sipping Shou Mei White Tea and admiring the sunset. The entire time the monk kept talking, endlessly asking the master questions and telling him one meaningless story after another.

— Slow down. Listen to the tea. You will hear the mountains, the fog, the streams, the changing seasons… If you listen carefully and intently you can hear the microcosm of this area, you will be able to feel the space being filled with minerals. This tea is too precious to waste on trivial chatter. This tea is a journey.


This tea from the 2011 harvest, only gets better with age which is why it has been compressed into the cake form. This way of processing this white tea allows for it to mature and with time the taste only becomes smoother and sweeter.

Shou Mei White Tea comes from the original birthplace of white tea — Fujian Province. Zhenghe County in Northen Fujian is a mountainous area where rainfall is abundant. The tea garden is situated in an old forest on the mountain slope with fertile soil and lush tea trees. The mountain is always shrouded with fog and mist. The mineral-rich soil and fog add lots of micronutrients to the tea plants.

White tea is compared to a treasure that should be cherished and every sip drunk consciously and with great appreciation. It is said that tea is only the beginning of the journey and with age, it transforms into medicine. 

The name of the tea comes from the shape of the loose tea leaves which are said to resemble the long eyebrows of Shouxing, the god of longevity.

The convenient size of these mini tea cakes together with the rich history and medicinal properties makes this tea a great travel companion!


  • Place of Origin: Deng Yuan, Zheng He county, Fujian, China 
  • Tea Type: White tea  
  • Harvest Time: April 2011 
  • Pressed on: 2017 
  • Aroma: delicate, sweet fragrance  
  • TasteMellow, full-bodied and sweet with a long-lasting finish    
  • Cultivar: Da Bai Hao 


Brewing guidelines:

        185℉ / 85℃  

5g per 500ml   5-7min

     5g per 120ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

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