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Jasmine "Silver Needle" Yin Zhen White Tea


One fine day a monk was making a long pilgrimage from Fujian province to Yunnan to source some of the finest pu-erh. On his way, he stopped in the small town of Hengxian, Guanxi Province, to sip on some of the Silver Needle White Tea he had. A native tea of his hometown in Fujian. 

While sipping the tea and enjoying some moments of relaxation before the long trip ahead, he sensed an aroma. The smell was pungent and sweet. He immediately felt peace and tranquility following his tough journey. The scent came from the jasmine flowers, which grew in Hengxian. 

The monk scented the remaining tea leaves he had with the local jasmine and treated all the locals to it. From that day on, Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea became a regional favorite. 

Guanxi province in China is where this tea originates. The area of Hengxian, Guanxi Province, is known for having the purest, most aromatic jasmine in the country. 

To make Jasmine Tea, the tea leaves are harvested in the early Spring and then stored until late Summer, when Jasmine flowers start blooming. The flowers are picked in the early morning when petals are still closed. Once harvested, they are kept cool until nightfall. During the night, jasmine flowers open, releasing the exquisite fragrance, and the scenting takes place. 

Pure Silver Needle White Tea goes through an intricate scenting process. Tea buds get scented with the jasmine flowers a total of 5 times, each time replacing the used jasmine buds with new ones. Lastly, only the most potent jasmine flowers get added to the finished tea. To produce 1 kg of Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea, up to 6 kg of fresh jasmine flowers as well as 3.5 kg of high-grade Silver Needle White Tea is used. The entire scenting process takes up to 7 hours of work. 

Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea is an exquisite blend of white tea leaves full of soft white fuzz with the scent of delicate jasmine flowers. A smooth, sweet sip of the tea will leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed. 


Place of Origin: Hengxian, Guangxi Province, China
• Altitude: 600m
Harvest Time: April / July 2019
 Picking Standard: Buds
• Aroma: Jasmine
Taste: Sweet jasmine with subtle notes of soy milk
• Cultivar: Fuding Dabaihao


Brewing guidelines:

     185℉ / 85℃

     1g per 50ml   3-5min

         1g per 20ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

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