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Yixing Teapot Gong Fu set (ZiSha: ZiNi)


First, let's appreciate the unique beauty of this ZiSha Yixing Clay Teapot. Named after ancient China's great beauty, Xi Shi, its exquisite traditional design brings a touch of enchantment to your tea moments. The body of this teapot exudes elegance, resembling the gentle round face of a beautiful girl. The spout mirrors the grace of a delicate mouth, while the handle resembles a lady's elegant hair bun.

Now, let's venture into the remarkable world of ZiNi clay, the most renowned among Yixing clays from the fertile delta of the Yangtze River. ZiNi clay possesses exceptional qualities, including excellent porosity and heat-retaining properties that elevate the taste of tea to new heights. Compared to glass, porcelain, glazed teapots, or even other ZiSha clays, ZiNi clay enhances the flavors and aromas of tea. Crafted from a mixture of kaolin, quartz, and mica, ZiNi clay boasts a high iron oxide content, giving it a somewhat sandy texture.

The superior heat preservation qualities of ZiNi clay make this Yixing teapot an ideal companion for brewing teas that require higher water temperatures. Whether you're indulging in robust black teas (hong cha), earthy pu-erh and hei cha, or nuanced oolongs, the ZiNi clay teapot brings out the best in these teas, ensuring a rich and satisfying tea experience.

Now, let's turn our attention to the delightful aroma cups, an essential component of tea enjoyment, especially when savoring oolong teas. As the name suggests, aroma cups are designed to capture the fragrant essence of the tea before sipping it. Unlike traditional tasting cups, aroma cups feature a tall, slender design, allowing aromas to concentrate and delight our senses. These cups, also made from the same Yixing zisha clay, serve as the perfect complement to your tea experience, elevating both the visual and aromatic aspects of your tea sessions.

How to use aroma teacups: Begin by pouring tea from a Cha Hai, also known as a Gong Dao Bei or Fairness Cup, into the tall aroma cup. Next, cover the aroma cup with the short and wide tasting cup. With your thumb and index fingers gently pressing both cups together, flip them over, ensuring the aroma cup is now on top. Slowly lift the aroma cup, allowing its captivating fragrance to envelop your senses. Take a moment to appreciate the enticing aroma before finally indulging in the sip of your delicious tea.

Watch this short video on how to use Aroma Teacups.

So, my tea-loving friend, immerse yourself in the exquisite world of Gong Fu Cha, where the Xi Shi Yixing teapot, crafted from ZiNi clay, becomes a vessel of tea transformation, heightening the flavors and aromas of your brew. Let the enchanting aroma cups guide you through the sensory journey, capturing the essence of the tea and adding an extra layer of pleasure to each sip. Embrace the beauty of Yixing clay teaware, appreciating its contribution to the captivating tea experience. Cheers to the joy and discovery found within a teacup!

What is in the set: 

  • ZiSha Purple Clay Xi Shi Teapot (Zi Ni) (140ml)
  • 2 sets of ZiSha Aroma Tea Cups (Zi Ni) (20ml)
  • 2 wooden saucers

For the full Gong Fu Cha experience, make sure to have the following items:

NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Smaller than I anticipated but absolutely adorable.

Lloyd Pi
amazing for beginners

If you are just getting into tea, this set is easy to use and low-maintenance. The properties of the yixing clay really help to open up and round out a tea. I got this set for traveling in particular, and it has been nothing short of convenient for a nice quick tea session.

Nadia M.
Excellent set for the value!

Exactly what I was looking for. Simple, elegant. Highly recommend this item if you've been looking for Yixing clay teaware.


Wonderful tea set. I was able to find a matching travel bag for it and the size is just right for picnics and days out in the nature. So far I only tried it with oolong and the aroma is quite something.

Ellessee Rahman
A wonderful investment

I don't regret a day of getting this set. It TRANSFORMS the tea experience completely!