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Yixing Clay Aroma Tea Cup Set (ZiSha)


Brewing tea in the Gong Fu tradition is about enjoying every aspect of the tea to its fullest. Aroma cups are essential to enjoying tea, especially oolong tea. As its name suggests, it is used for smelling the fragrance of the tea before drinking it. Unlike the tasting cup, the aroma cup is tall and slender. Make sure the cups match your yixing teapot or gaiwan in material and color. Made from renowned yixing zisha clay, these cups will perfectly complement your tea.


How to use:

Pour tea from the Cha Hai into the aroma cup. Cover the aroma cup with the tasting cup. Slightly pressing both cups with one hand's thumb and index fingers, flip the cups over so that the aroma cup is now on top. Slowly lift the aroma cup, and enjoy its smell before taking a sip of the delicious tea. 


What is in the set: 1 Yixing clay (ZiSha) aroma cup, 1 Yixing Clay (ZiSha) tasting cup, and 1 wooden saucer.  



NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.


How to use the Aroma Teacup Set:

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