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Xi Shi Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: ZhuNi)


This Xi Shi Yixing teapot captures the essence of elegance in its form, reminiscent of the legendary beauty of Xi Shi herself. Xi Shi was one of ancient China's famed Four Beauties. She was so beautiful, legend has it that when she gazed upon fish in a pond from her balcony, they were so captivated by her presence that they stopped swimming and sank out of sight. 

The teapot's design, inspired by the gentle curves and softness associated with classic beauty, brings a touch of grace to your tea table. Its smooth, delicate surface and fluid lines reflect the sophistication of its craftsmanship. The short, shallow spout resembles the lips of a beautiful girl, adding a subtle charm to its overall appearance.

Crafted from selected Zhao Zhuang Zhu Ni Yixing clay (宜兴赵庄朱泥), known for its low sand content and refined texture, this teapot stands out for its quality. Zhaozhuang Zhuni clay is celebrated for its unique brownish hue, transforming into a stunning vermilion or dark red upon firing. This particular clay's 20% shrinkage ratio during the firing process makes crafting the Xi Shi pot a feat of precision and skill, contributing to its exclusivity.

Behind this exquisite teapot is the name of Ren Yixin, a potter from Yixing, the pottery capital. With over a decade dedicated to the art of ZiSha clay, Ren Yixin has mastered the balance between traditional aesthetics and practical innovation. His commitment to quality and functional beauty is evident in every piece, with the Xi Shi teapot being no exception. Ren's creations are known for their dignified presence, blending utility with artistic expression, making them a favorite among tea lovers and teapot collectors.

The Xi Shi teapot is not just a vessel for brewing tea; it's a statement piece that celebrates the artistry of Yixing pottery. Its ample and generous body offers enough space for tea leaves to unfurl and fully release their flavors, ensuring a perfect brew every time. Lightweight yet sturdy, this teapot is as functional as it is beautiful. Its size of 80ml makes it ideal for enjoying tea solo or with someone special, perfectly fitting into a pair of small Gong Fu Cha teacups. This Xi Shi teapot is designed to enhance the tea experience while adding a touch of elegance to your collection.

Whether you're a seasoned tea lover or a newcomer to the world of Gong Fu Cha, this teapot invites you to appreciate the subtleties of tea brewing in a yixing that's as remarkable as the legend it's named after. Let it be the centerpiece of your tea ritual, where every pour is a tribute to the timeless beauty of Xi Shi and the enduring craft of Yixing pottery. Standing out in design and functionality, this Yixing teapot will be a star in your collection.


    Capacity: 80ml

    • Speed of pour: 10 ml/sec (since each teapot is individually crafted, the pouring speed may vary)

    • Filter: ball shape

    Material: Zhao Zhuang Zhu Ni Yixing clay (ZiSha) – 宜兴赵庄朱泥

    • Shape: Xi Shi – 西施

    NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

    Customer Reviews

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    Adorable little pot!

    I bought this for "micro" brewing...when you don't have time for a full cup or have a tiny amount of tea leaves that you want to steep in a very small vessel. It arrived quickly and was packed very carefully. It's hard to find pots this small and this one is really adorable. It's shape makes it perfect for oolongs or any tea where the leaves expand substantially.