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Tetsubin Cast-Iron Teapot

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  • $98.00

Tetsubin (or "tetsu kyusu"), the Japanese cast-iron kettle, is an integral part of Cha No Yu – Japanese tea-drinking tradition. The history of Tetsubin starts in the 16th century and its popularity quickly grew. It was used to brew sencha – a less formal tea than the ceremonial matcha. Made of cast iron, tetsubin posses great heat-retaining ability and makes it easy to enjoy tea in the company of friends or family. 

Glazed with enamel on the inside and accompanied with a tea-strainer, tetsubin is perfect for brewing tea and is easy to clean. But be careful not to put this kettle on a stove as the excessive heat will damage the enamel coating. 


  • Volume: 34oz / 1ltr 
  • Size: 8.5" x 6.26" x 6.14" / 21.6cm x 15.9cm x 15.6cm
  • Glazed with enamel on inside
  • Comes with a strainer basket


NOTE: Enamel glazed tetsubin is meant to brew tea. Do not heat water in it as it will damage the enamel glazing. Avoid using detergents when cleaning. 

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