Handmade Katakuchi Chawan Matcha Bowl


When you wish to make matcha the usual way, but need to move the matcha into smaller cups or another container, the Katakuchi Chawan (片口茶碗) is a solution. When using a traditional chawan, the tea does not pour easily. Thus, lots of matcha is wasted as it runs off the bowl's surface and spills. Katakuchi Chawan lets you whisk your matcha and then cleanly pour it into another container. It's excellent for sharing matcha with guests!

Our Katakuchi chawan is part of the Shitoro-Yaki pottery style. Shitoro-Yaki (志戸呂焼) is the name given to the pottery produced in the 12th century in a small area of southwest Shizuoka Prefecture. The town formerly known as Kanaya (金谷) is the center of this fashion. The region's clay is rich in ferric oxides, which are seen in the yellowish and reddish hues present in the clay and glazes. The Shirtoro-Yaki pottery style often showcases the color and personality of the clay. It affirms the rustic simplicity and small details that give each object its own identity.

Shitoro-Yaki was a favorite of Kobori Enshu, an Edo Period (17th century) tea master, who designated it as one of the "Enshu Nana Kama" (7 pottery styles of Enshu).


Rito Aoshima

Rito Aoshima (青嶋利陶) is the maker of our Katakuchi Chawan. A second-generation potter, Rito Aoshima's father founded the current studio where he works. The studio was established to revive the Shitoro-Yaki aesthetic and safeguard its more than 900-year legacy. The kiln was constructed as a Noborigama (rising kiln), with numerous layers staggered vertically to produce an extraordinarily high firing temperature. Rito Aoshima first studied pottery at Seto (a renowned pottery region). Then he went back to Shizuoka to learn the Shitoro-Yaki method. Later, he took over his father's studio and kiln and continued to create elegant vessels and teaware for tea ceremonies. It has been 25 years since Rito Aoshima entered the world of pottery and 15 years since he inherited the Rito name. 2022 marks the 30th year of the Rito Kiln. Today, Rito Aoshima is one of five remaining Shitoro-Yaki artisans in the area.


Capacity: 400ml

Material: Pottery. Glazed. Handmade.

Size: 5.5" x 2.5"  / 14 x 6.5cm

NOTE: Every chawan is hand-crafted making each matcha bowl unique. The Chawan delivered may not be exactly as pictured, but will be crafted in the same style, shape, and spirit.

NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.