Cha Dao Tea Utensils Set (Bamboo)


This Cha Dao tea utensils set is crafted from bamboo. The focus is on preserving the natural shape and texture of the bamboo, bridging the tea ritual to its roots in nature. This eco-friendly material offers both durability and a sense of connection to the environment, embodying the essence of tea aesthetics.

Designed to elevate the Gongfu Cha experience, this set is called "Six Gentlemen of Tea Ceremony" (Cha Dao Liu Jun Zi – 茶道六君子). Crafted entirely from bamboo, each piece serves a distinct purpose, enhancing the tea-making process and ensuring a harmonious infusion of flavors.

The set includes a bamboo tea utensils holder, providing a dedicated space for organizing and presenting the various tools used during the ceremony.

Included is a tea scoop to delicately place the tea leaves into the brewing pot, ensuring that the oils from one's fingers do not interfere with the taste of the tea.

A thoughtful addition to the set is a funnel, which aids in transferring tea leaves into the teapot without the risk of spillage or damage to the leaves.

The set also features tweezers or tongs, which come in handy when handling hot drinking cups, preventing the server's fingers' oils from affecting the tea's taste.

A needle serves to delicately remove any leaves that may become caught in the spout of the brewing or teapot.

With this bamboo utensil set, tea enthusiasts can fully immerse themselves in the Gong Fu Cha ritual. Bamboo's natural charm adds aesthetic appeal and reflects the harmonious connection between the tea ceremony and the world around us. Embrace the essence of Gong Fu Cha with this eco-friendly and practical tea utensils set, thoughtfully designed to elevate your tea experience and deepen your appreciation for the art of tea.


Material: Bamboo

The set Includes:

  • Utensils holder  (Cha Dao Tong – 茶道筒)
  • Tea scoop (Cha Shao – 茶勺)
  • Funnel (Cha Lou –  茶漏 or 茶漏斗)
  • Tweezers/tongs (Cha Jia – 茶夹)
  • Spoon (Cha Chi – 茶匙)
  • Tea Needle (Cha Zhen –  茶针)


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning. Dry well after each use to prevent mold. 

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful craftsmanship

Simple, minimal, convenient.

Marshall O

Very pleased with this set! I've been looking for one which will match my bamboo tea table. It's a perfect match. Hope it lives long! Hah


This is a perfect cha dao set for me. I can tell its nice quality, and has all the essential tools. Its possible to buy cha dao with more tools but I think these are the most used.