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Tetsubin (Tetsu Kyusu) Cast-Iron Teapot


Imagine yourself stepping back in time to the 16th century, a pivotal era for the birth of the Tetsubin, the Japanese cast-iron kettle that has stood the test of time. Tetsubin quickly gained popularity as an essential component of Chanoyu and Senchado, the revered Japanese tea-drinking traditions. While the ceremonial matcha stole the spotlight, the Tetsubin found its niche in brewing sencha, a more casual and everyday tea enjoyed among friends and family.

Crafted from sturdy and thick cast iron, the Tetsubin boasts exceptional heat-retaining properties. Its ability to retain heat ensures that your tea remains warm and enjoyable for longer. There's something truly magical about gathering around the Tetsubin with your loved ones, sharing laughter and stories while sipping on a comforting brew.

The Tetsubin elevates the tea experience and adds an aesthetic charm to your tea sessions. Its elegant and timeless design, often adorned with intricate motifs or symbols, serves as a visual feast for the eyes. Each Tetsubin carries a story, reflecting the artistry and dedication of the craftsmen who poured their hearts into its creation.

This Tetsubin's interior is coated with enamel glaze, making it the ideal vessel for brewing tea. Such Tetsubins are usually called Tetsu Kyusu. The smooth surface not only enhances the tea's flavors but also makes cleaning a breeze. Plus, with a handy tea strainer, you can effortlessly steep your favorite loose-leaf teas, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable tea-drinking experience.

But here's a friendly tip: it's important to remember that Tetsu Kyusu Teapot should never be placed directly on a stove. Excessive heat can damage the delicate enamel coating, leading to potential cracks or chips. Instead, embrace the traditional method of heating water separately and then pouring it into the Tetsu Kyusu Teapot to enjoy the perfect brew.


  • Capacity: 34oz / 1ltr 
  • Size: 8.5" x 6.26" x 6.14" / 21.6cm x 15.9cm x 15.6cm
  • Glazed with enamel on the inside
  • Comes with a strainer basket


NOTE: Enamel-glazed tetsubin is meant to brew tea. Do not heat water in it as it will damage the enamel glazing. Avoid using detergents when cleaning. 

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