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Aged Clay, Xu Bian Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: ZiNi)


Xu Bian (虛扁) is a traditional ZiSha teapot design. It is known for its unique qualities and captivating charm. Creating a Xu Bian is a challenge even to master potters due to its flat shape and steady silhouette. This Yixing teapot exudes an open-minded and carefree aura. Its beautiful, intriguing form showcases its distinct personality.

Our Xu Bian teapot is an excellent example of this classic Yixing teapot shape. This outstanding pot boasts a large opening and a flat, thin body - a combination that enhances the aroma and fragrance of the tea. With its exceptionally fast pour that enables full control over the brewing process, it is an excellent addition to any Gongfu teaware collection.

Purple mud, also known as Zi Ni (紫泥), has been reputedly the ideal Yixing clay for teapot making since the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). It is renowned for its exceptional properties, including optimal porosity, excellent air permeability, and remarkable insulation characteristics. This teapot is made from a variety of Zi Ni ore called Cu Sha (粗砂), which is more grainy and renowned for its high porosity and effects on tea. 

Aging the clay used in Yixing teapot making is a long process that enhances the properties of ZiSha clay. When placed in a kiln or pottery tank, the clay undergoes fermentation, shielded from sunlight and air while carefully controlling temperature and humidity. This aging process brings about several beneficial effects.

Firstly, aging improves water penetration and distribution within the clay. That results in a more uniform composition. It also eliminates organic matter, enhancing the clay's purity. Additionally, aging increases the plasticity of the purple clay, making it more malleable and easier to shape. These combined effects contribute to the overall quality and performance of the teapot.

Teapots crafted from aged clay offer distinct advantages. One notable benefit is improved air permeability. It allows for better interaction between the tea and the clay during brewing. That enhances the infusion process, enriching the flavors and aromas of the tea. Moreover, old clay teapots often exhibit a warmer and more vibrant color, enhancing their visual appeal.

Behind the seemingly swift formation of a yixing teapot lies years of arduous work. The process involves the dedication and expertise of a potter. The pot master is Liu Daojie, a young but already accomplished potter. Pursuing perfection, he sought guidance from renowned pot makers and cultivated solid foundational skills. Devoting himself to his craft, Liu creates teapots that embody grace, generosity, roundness, and delicacy. His works innovatively blend tradition and practical beauty, making them highly sought after and treasured by tea enthusiasts and collectors alike.


    Capacity: 190ml

    • Speed of pour: 19.5 ml/sec (since each teapot is individually crafted, the pouring speed may vary)

    • Filter: 9 holes, ball filter

    Material: Aged Huang Long Shan Cu Sha Zi Ni (Yixing clay, ZiSha) – 陈化黃龍山粗砂紫泥

    • Shape: Xu Bian (虛扁)

    NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

    Customer Reviews

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    Janie J
    Aged Clay, Xu Bian Yixing Teapot

    OH, this teapot is to LOVE! I just love to hold it, & feel the texture of the aged clay, the design, & the lovely lines of the teapot. It is a dream to look at & to hold. I will season it & prepare it for many years of entrancing tea ceremonies! Thank you, Path of Cha, for your distinct choices of artists & artistic teawares!