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"Sleeping Firefox" Yixing Tea Pet (ZiSha: Da Hong Pao ZhuNi)


Deep in the heart of every tea lover's Gong Fu Cha ceremony lies a mysterious and enchanting element: a Tea Pet.

This small clay figurine serves as both a decorative piece and a tea companion.

Firefox is a mystical creature that captivates the imagination of those who encounter it. Its sleek, fiery-red fur and piercing eyes seem to hold the secrets of the universe. Legends say that Firefox possesses magical powers. It moves with grace and agility, leaving behind a trail of wonder and awe. Many have sought to capture Firefox, but its elusive nature has made it an enigma that few have been able to fully comprehend. Because of its mystical qualities, Firefox holds a special place in the hearts of those who believe in the power of nature and the mysteries that lie within it. 

Some tea masters believe that a tea pet lacks a soul until it comes into contact with tea's Qi (茶气). That's right, pouring tea over the figurine imbues it with a soul.

During the Gong Fu Cha ceremony, the tea pet should be constantly hydrated with leftover tea. Whether it's the hot water used to warm up the teaware, the water used to rinse the tea leaves, or the last dregs of steeped tea, the tea pet must be nourished with care. Da Hong Pao Yixing is a porous clay that readily absorbs the aroma and oils of the tea, creating a unique and shiny patina over time.

The Zhu Ni Da Hong Pao clay earns its name (Big Red Robe) from its deep red-orange hue, resulting from a higher iron oxide concentration than typical Zhu Ni clay.

So if you're a tea lover looking to add a touch of magic to your tea-brewing rituals, look no further than this mystical tea pet.

Material: Da Hong Pao Zhu Ni (朱泥大红袍)

Dimensions: 8cm x 1.5cm / 3.15" x 0.6"


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.