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"Stone Milk" Shi Ru Wuyi Oolong Tea


 - Shifu, the air is filled with the aroma of ripe fruits! Could the trees in our orchard have ripened already? But it's only May

- The aroma of a thousand ripened fruits hides in this tea! Nourished by the clear waters of the mountain stream, it absorbs the essence of spring in a single cup. 


Shi Ru (石乳), also called Yan Ru (岩乳), literally translates as "Stone Milk", is a rare gem. The name hints about the essence of the rocks and stones in Wuyi mountain reflected in this precious tea. Nourished by the streams and rocky soil, growing in Wuyi mountain's unique environment and climate, our Stone Milk Oolong tea is a fine example of Rock tea with an excellent mineral taste with a fruity accent.

The Wuyi Mountain region is a place with a unique terroir. Locals call it 三坑两涧和马头 – Three Valleys, Two Streams and "Horse Head" Rock. Though not too high, fog and mist always shroud the peaks in Wuyi Mountain. The moisture accumulates on the rocky sides of the mountains. It then flows down these rocks to the roots of the tea plants, enriching them with minerals and creating the unique Yan Yun (岩韵, or "rock rhyme") taste, for which Wuyi Oolong Tea is famous.


Wuyi Mountains and Rock Tea

Tea growing between cliffs of Wuyi Mountains (Zheng Yan area)


Shi Ru (or Yan Ru) is an ancient Rock tea variety. Its history goes back as far as the Tang dynasty. It reaches its heyday during the Song and Yuan dynasties as a firm favorite of the Royal court. Song emperor Taizong pronounces it as a tribute tea. Another Song ruler, emperor Huizong, praises its "sweet and smooth taste". Along with the Dragon and Phoenix teas from the famous Beiyuan garden, Shi Ru is considered a top-grade imperial tea, one of the famous Beiyuan tribute teas of the era. In the following Yuan dynasty, Shi Ru is among the teas that grow in the Imperial Garden in Wuyi Mountain. By the Ming dynasty, it was arguably the most popular Yan Cha variety. Today, we can find its mark in the "three pours of Stone Milk" - a step in the art of the local WuYi tea ceremony. Another mark is the "Fragrant Stone Milk" inscription engraved on the cliffs around the Nine Dragons stream in Wuyi Mountain. 


Mr. Zhou

Mr. Zhou at work / Yan Ru leaves


Our Shi Ru Yan Cha is a mid-roast Oolong tea with a pronounced, complex character. The tea master, Mr. Zhou, harvests the tea trees from his garden in the Banyan area according to a picking standard of two mature leaves and one smaller leaf in the middle. Mr. Zhou uses a traditional processing method that includes a triple charcoal roasting of the leaves. The first one is in mid-July, then in mid-September, and the final one as late as mid-November. Upon submerging the leaves in boiling water, they reveal a delicate mineral taste with dominating fruit accents of peach and apricots. Unlike other Yan Cha varieties (like, for example, Rou Gui), Stone Milk features finer, more subtle notes. At the same time, it has a complex character that requires multiple brews to reveal. You'll experience a "Yan Yun" - the rocky flavor of a genuine Yan Cha with a strong fruity hint and a delightful creaminess. The aroma features gentle hues of chocolate, spices and tobacco. 


• Place of Origin: Da Shui Keng (Wuyi Mountain, Ban Yan), Fujian Province, China
• Altitude: 500-600m 
• Harvest date: April 2023
• Picking StandardThree leaves
• Roast: Medium. Charcoal roasted
• Aroma: Chocolate, spices and tobacco
• Taste: Very mineral, with strong notes of peach and apricots
• Cultivar: Shi Ru 


Brewing guidelines:

        205℉ / 95℃ 

1g per 50ml   3-4min

     1g per 20ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion 

Customer Reviews

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James Jorgensen
Best mineral tea ever...

One of my favorite types of tea is the so called oolong mineral variety. "Stone Milk" Shi Ru Wuyi Oolong Tea has far exceeded every mineral tea I have enjoyed erenow since my journey into the world of Gongfu Tea Culture several years ago. There are so many nuanced notes of flavor that I am still exploring and enjoying its subtleties. My first order was 50 grams, the next order will be 100 grams. I sincerely recommend "Stone Milk" Shi Ru Wuyi Oolong Tea... You will not be dissatisfied. Props to our tea pals abilities at Path of Cha to source such treasures, So, after writing this review, it is time to brew and relax with a few cups. Enjoy!

What a wonderful tea!
What a wonderful tea!

This is probably our new favorite as well! It does have a similar sweetness like the bug bitten Oolong but also a more floral note. It also has this slightly nutty/toasted note along side the rest. Honestly we were shocked at how delicious and tasty this tea was. Easily one to keep stocked in our ever growing/overflowing tea cabinet.

A new favorite

I'm running out of room for favorite teas selected and provided by the good folks at Path of Cha. This tea is wonderful and my new 'go to' for the bump I need for work. I bought it just to dabble and add to my collection but this tea will have a shelf of its own as a staple in my morning ritual. The flavored moves in all the right directions with out going to far. Not at all bitter and delicate but not too delicate. Very agreeable.


this tea reminded me of the bug-bitten oolong in many ways, but this one is much more delicate. new favorite!