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"Golden Turtle" Shui Jin Gui Wuyi Oolong Tea


A disciple asked the wise, and very old, tea master Lao Cha, of his secret to longevity. 

Golden Water Turtle — he answered, offering a small cup of tea.

Puzzled, the disciple took a sip. The unique Yan Yun, the minerals, the notes of heart-warming chocolate, and the sweet roasted taste... all enveloped his body and soul. The disciple had no further questions. 


The Wuyi Mountain region is the place of 39 peaks, 99 valleys, and a river with 9 bends. The mountain peaks, though not incredibly high, are always shrouded with fog and mist. The moisture gets accumulated on the rocky sides of the mountains and then flows down these rocks, to the roots of the tea plants, enriching them with minerals and creating the unique Yan Yun (“rock rhyme") taste for which "Golden Water Turtle" Shui Jin Gui Oolong Tea is famous.


Golden Water Turtle, otherwise known as Shui Jin Gui, is a Wuyi Oolong tea. This Cliff Tea is roasted three times over a traditional wood charcoal fire. The result is an incredibly smooth yancha with a medium roast. Compared to other roasted oolong teas, the taste is sweet and mellow. Notes of dark chocolate and flower bouquets gently coat the palate. 


The legend of the Golden Water Turtle dates way back, when Wuyi mountain dwellers lived high on the slopes, cultivating delicious tea bushes. One day a strong storm washed down the tea bushes, along with clay and rocks, onto another farmland. Once the storm passed, the tea bush growing from the mud resembled a swimming longevity turtle, hence the name — Water Turtle. Today, only three original tea bushes remain. While these bushes are preserved and no tea is harvested from them, our Shui Jin Gui is cultivated from these bushes.

Zheng Yan, where this tea is from,  the prime Wuyi Shan area, is a National Reserve. The use of pesticides is prohibited. Naturally, the tea coming from the region is organic. After harvest, the Wuyi yancha goes through an intricate and prolonged harvesting process, where the tea farmers must be fully present and alert to create a perfectly balanced tea.


Place of Origin: Liang Hua peak (Zheng Yan), Fujian Province, China
Harvest date: May 2020 (vintage)
Dry Leaf: Green-brown, tightly twisted
• Roast: Medium. Charcoal roasted
Aroma: Roasted & Floral
Taste: Sweet and fruity with mineral notes, transforming with each infusion; long-lasting mouthwatering finish.
Tea Bush: Shui Jin Gui


Brewing guidelines:

            195℉ / 90℃ 

     6g per 500ml   3-5min

          6g per 120ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

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