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Sencha Green Tea (Japan)


A noble samurai came to visit the wise tea master Lao Cha and the old man offered the samurai some tea.

– Oh Sensei! – the samurai exclaimed, – I am so impressed! What is this tea that is so refreshing and comforting, with a taste so bold and sweet, yet so fresh that Spring itself returned once again!?
– This tea is Sencha. Now hang your sword, forget all your worries, and just enjoy.

Sencha is known and loved for its moderate sweetness, mild astringency, and flowery-green aroma. The quality of sencha will vary depending on origin, time of harvest, and leaf processing. 

Sencha is the Japanese word for "roasted tea". This term refers to an older style of processing Japanese green tea that was influenced by Chinese tea processing methods. Today, most sencha is steamed instead of pan-roasted.

Fukamushi cha (深蒸し茶 – deep-steamed tea) undergoes a slightly extended steaming process compared to the standard Futsuumushicha (普通蒸し茶), which typically lasts around 30-45 seconds. In contrast, Fukamushicha is steamed for about a minute, resulting in a tea that boasts a more pronounced sweetness and body while suppressing excessive astringency.

Harashima san skillfully produces this Organic Fukamushi Sen Cha from the Okumidori cultivar from Yame. Thriving at the summits of the Yame Mountains, the tea leaves endure winter's embrace, adorned by a blanket of snow. This snowy coat nurtures the leaves, imbuing them with an abundance of nutrients that contribute to the tea's bold and delectable flavor profile.

When brewed, the Organic Fukamushi Sencha unfolds into a mesmerizing deep-green tea soup with a delightful artichoke aroma tinged with hints of chestnut. Its character boasts a round and luscious mouthfeel, accompanied by a lingering and gratifying umami that distinctly reflects the essence of Yame's esteemed teas.

The region of Yame in Fukuoka prefecture prides itself on housing some of the finest tea plantations. Veiled in the embrace of morning mists and river fogs, Yame's green tea fields bask in carefully controlled sunlight, ensuring the leaves grow tender and sweet. Additionally, Yame benefits from a significant temperature disparity between day and night, further contributing to the tea's distinct character.

In Yame, tea craftsmanship intertwines with nature's grace, cultivating a tea that encapsulates the essence of this esteemed region. As you indulge in a sip of the Organic Fukamushi Sencha, you embark on a sensory journey that pays homage to the time-honored traditions and natural blessings of Yame's tea-producing haven.

Watch a video about Sencha and Senchado

Watch a video on how to brew Sencha Green Tea


Brewing guidelines:

    165℉ / 75℃ for the first infusion; Keep raising water temperature for subsequent infusions    

  1g per 60ml 

   1-2min for the first infusion; then 30sec; +15 for each subsequent infusion 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This Sencha Green Tea is delicious and highly recommended for morning or afternoon tea. This is my go to tea. Great company with fast service.

Deliciousness + energy

Smells like a lazy summer morning, and at the same time gives a nice bright boost of energy. Might even replace the morning coffee!

David Michael White
Great Green Tea!

I've had quite a selection of green teas on this site and while I have my personal favorites, this Sencha is amazing! It's so green and tasty!