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Genmaicha Brown Rice Green Tea (Japan)


A young monk asked the wise tea master Lao Cha:

— Sensei, what happens when you blend wonderful, fresh Spring sencha with delicious, aromatic, and nutritious rice?
— You will get Genmaicha, a tea which is most admired and cherished in Japan.


This Genmaicha is made by first soaking, and then roasting brown rice and then blending it with sencha, which is a Japanese green tea. With a bright yellowish-green liquid and sweet nutty flavor, this tea does not only have the freshness of green tea, but also the fragrance of fried rice.

Brown rice is rich in Vitamin C, B2, B6 and low in calories. It is rich in fiber, which can benefit gastrointestinal motility. While sencha is rich in tannins. Genmaicha, combining the benefits of green tea and roasted brown rice, makes a great everyday beverage and is an unmistakable exponent of Japanese culture.


Brewing guidelines:

      0.5g per 1oz/30ml 

   175℉ / 80℃ for the first infusion; Keep raising water temperature for subsequent infusions 
 2min for the first infusion; then 30sec; +15 for each subsequent infusion

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