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"Fur Peak" Mao Feng Green Tea



Long ago, the wise tea master Lao Cha was on his pilgrimage through the high terrains of Yunnan. With him, he had some tea seeds, which he would carefully drop every now and then...

Years later, a young monk was on the same pilgrimage. Tired and cold, he found some forgotten tea bushes and decided to make some quick tea. The monk was amazed — the tea was much sweeter than anything he's ever tried! He hurried down to share Maofeng Green Tea with the rest. 


Mao Feng Green Tea is one of the most popular Chinese green teas. Maofeng's history dates a couple of hundred years back. This tea, originally native to the Yellow Mountain of Anxi, became so popular that it quickly spread around and got transplanted to many other places, including the high mountains of Yunnan. Mao Feng tea bushes are unique because they grow wildly, with no tea bush being the same.

Tea farmers must skillfully navigate the tall mountains and hand-pick the tea leaves using traditional methods to avoid harming native tea bushes. Mao Feng means "Fur Peak", which describes the appearance and shape of the processed tea leaves –pointy and covered with soft white fuzz. 

Traditionally processed Mao Feng is incredibly sweet, fresh, and void of bitterness.


  • Place of Origin: Zhengwan Village, Pu'er, Simao, Yunnan, China
  • Harvest Date: April 2021
  • Dry Leaf: pointy tea leaves, covered in abundant white fuzz
  • Aroma: Chestnut, stir-fried beans, floral
  • Taste: long-lasting sweetness, zero bitterness, smooth and refreshing
  • Cultivar: Yunkang #10 (Camellia sinensis var. assamica)


Brewing guidelines:

       175℉ / 80℃

5g per 500ml   3-5min

     5g per 120ml    5sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

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