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The Earliest Harvest Green Tea. First Flush (Winter 2023)





In the middle of the Winter, a young monk studying under the Great Lao Cha got very sad. 
– What's on your mind, young man? – asked Lao Cha
– I'm so tired of the Winter, Teacher. It's cold and gloomy. I have no energy, and my spirit is down. I can't wait for Spring already! 
– I have a remedy for your spirit, young monk. Try this green tea.
– A green tea, Shifu?! Now?! But it's still Winter! 
– On the banks of Liu Luo river in Yunnan, it's already Spring, and farmers have already produced fresh sweet tea. Drink up and see for yourself – the Spring is coming. 

Harvested in just the first days of January, we believe this tea is the very first green tea harvest of 2023 in all of China.

This year's First Flush green tea features an atypical and powerful umami character. Its flavor characteristics are akin to premium Japanese teas, blending the best of China and Japan's tea realms. This brothy and full-bodied tea has a rich, multi-dimensional taste. With only small batches available each year, this rare gem is a must-have for any true tea connoisseur.

While it is still cold in the West, Spring has already arrived in Yunnan. Our good friends, Mr. Yang and Mr. Zhang, did not waste any time and produced this excellent tea, full of freshness and umami. Their high mountain (950m) tea garden is located on the Liuluo River, and this is the southmost tea garden in Yunnan. 

Dahei mountain rises at more than 2600 meters above sea level in Yunnan province, near the border with Burma. It is blessed with abundant rainfall and green peaks. Many consider this ancient forest being the best preserved in the border area. The entire region enjoys a wild and pristine landscape. The dense forest is a unique biodiversity mix between broad-leaved species and ancient tea trees. Here, people discovered the largest tea tree ever measured - a giant arbor 20m high, 1,9m in diameter, with a crown surface of 78.5 sq. meters. The wild tea trees are tall and arbor-shaped, with trunks covered in moss. A walk in this ancient forest wakes the senses and lets you smell the unique fragrance of pure tea, as nature intended it.


Buffalo Tea Garden


The region in Dahei mountain enjoys the same latitude as Taiwan. That has encouraged the two producers to implement knowledge and good practices from Taiwan in their tea-making process. They are constantly in contact with tea technicians from Taiwan. While actively exchanging knowledge, they also enhance their tea processing. The result is a green tea with an exclusive aroma of fruits and flowers, hard to find elsewhere.

Once sold out, this tea will not be replenished till next year, as it should be consumed fresh, just like Japanese Shincha. 

Place of Origin: Liuluo River (the southmost tea garden in Yunnan, China)
Altitude: 950m
Harvest Date: January 4, 2023
• Picking Standard: one bud, two leaves
Aroma: fresh & vegetal
 Taste: sweet and smooth, with umami and notes of spinach and artichoke
• Cultivar: Yunkang #10 / wild tea bushes (50/50)


Brewing guidelines:

        175℉ / 80℃ 

1g per 60ml   3-5min

     1g per 25ml   5sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

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