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Award-Winning Bug-Bitten Red Oolong Tea (Taiwan)


In the lush Luye Valley, young Lin puzzled over his steaming cup. "Master Lao Cha, how does this oolong tea capture such honey-sweet notes?"

With a playful wink, Shifu Lao Cha replied, "Ah, Lin, it's the work of tiny artisans — the leafhoppers. They nibble the leaves, prompting the plant to swirl extra sugars into the wounds, weaving a tapestry of honey and ripe fruit into the brew."

Lin tasted again, savoring the layers. "So, the bugs are tea masters too?"

"Indeed," chuckled Lao Cha, "and with their tiny bites, they gift us a sweetness that no human hands could craft."


Red Oolong is a type of deeply oxidized and moderately roasted oolong tea. Taiwanese farmers initially developed it, and the Wu family farm perfected the techniques of this unique craft rea. Their Bug-Bitten Red Oolong Tea has been winning the highest award at the iTQi Competition in Belgium consecutively since 2017. Just one sip — and you'll know why.

Wu Family
Wu Family

The tea leaves are "bug-bitten" - a technique common in Taiwanese oolong production. When bugs attack the tea leaves, the plant's natural defense mechanism releases enzymes that alter the original taste. Furthermore, the plant sends sugars to the bitten areas for fast recovery, creating a remarkable sweetness in the final product. Consequently, the tea has the pleasant taste of a medium roasted oolong with bright honey and ripe fruit notes. Not to mention, its satisfying sweetness will no doubt have you craving for more.

The Bug-Bitten Red Oolong grows in the Luye Valley of Taitung County, Taiwan. Nestled between two of Taiwan's highest mountain ranges, the valley's pristine nature and fresh air attract many visitors for tea tourism and the annual hot air balloon festival. The Wu family initially chose to relocate to Luye because they knew it had the ideal conditions for growing non-polluted, organic tea. Furthermore, they irrigate the tea farm using water from the mountain streams and employ only eco-farming techniques

Diamond Award

We are very excited to introduce tea enthusiasts worldwide to this rare tea without rivals. Indeed, today Taiwan is the only country that produces authentic red oolong tea. Furthermore, only Taiwanese farmers know the crafting secrets, like the exact roasting temperature and time required to create this artisan tea variety.

While it's most common for tea enthusiasts to prepare oolong Gong Fu style, Luye Red Oolong is exceptionally lovely when you cold-brew it. In fact, the locals of Luye developed the perfect cold-brewing technique since they frequently bring this tea with them to the area's numerous hot springs.

If you wish to try cold-brewed oolong tea, we suggest following this simple recipe:
Use 3-5 grams of loose leaf oolong tea leaves to make 600ml (20 oz) of cold-brewed tea. Store it at room temperature or refrigerator. It's ready in approximately 3-8 hours.


  • Place of Origin: Luye Village, Taitung County, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date: February, 2024
  • Picking Standard: One bud and two leaves
  • Roast: Medium
  • Aroma: Honey and ripe fruits
  • Taste: Sweet and roasted, long-lasting sweet finish
  • Cultivar: Ruan Zhi (aka Qing Xin / TRES #17) 


    Brewing guidelines:

            195℉ / 90℃ 

     1g per 50ml   3-5min

         1g per 20ml    10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    faiza mahmoud
    one of my new favorites!

    taste like heaven. this tea deserves all the accolades. definitely purchasing more

    Samantha Raulerson
    Well worth the hype

    I was really interested in this tea ever since I read about the technique used to make it since I had never heard of insects/pests being used to actually improve the taste of something. I was super lucky and got this from the tea club almost right after it caught my interest and I was not disappointed in the slightest when I finally got to taste it. It is just as sweet as described and has a lot of complexity underneath the sweetness as well so it never gets old, but I don't think my palate is quite refined enough to actually pinpoint the specific flavors going on.

    Kenneth W.Jenks
    Return to Mountain

    I have looked for the right words to match the experience of this tea and could not find the right ones. Suddenly I realized I only had to say what I was feeling, that this is the best tea I’ve ever tasted.
    ( My hair is white. Been at tea tasting a long time.)


    This oolong was exactly what I was looking for, it tasted so new yet so nostalgic at the same time. The honey-sweet flavor was amazing, I was surprised to have a subtle cinnamon flavor that showed through in the after taste. Seeing this oolong open up in my gaiwan was really astonishing, the leaves were so beautiful. I honestly can’t say enough about this oolong! I have so many different teas however I can say without a doubt this is my favorite tea

    Simply the best

    Not only is this one of the best teas I've ever had the privilege of tasting but it was delivered by some of the most wonderful people. Misha and his team are truly amazing and constantly serve extremely high-quality products. I've bought multiple teas as well as a gaiwan that I use almost every day and nothing has let me down.