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"Kombu Pu" GuShu Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake w. Kombucha (100g)


– Shifu, help me! I put too much greasy meat in my rice – now I'm feeling heavy and bloated! How do I ease this discomfort?

 – Here, sip this tea for digestion. It is a Pu-erh tea combined with the tea mushroom Kombucha. Its thick and smooth taste will comfort your palate and help your stomach digest the meat. The tangy notes of orange peel will dispel the heaviness and bloating. Also, to help you clear your head along with your gut – you will replace dinner with two extra hours of meditation tonight!


We proudly present to you our special Kombucha Pu-erh Tea – the ultimate tea for digestion (not to mention how tasty it is!). This digestion powerhouse is based on the joint action of traditionally crafted Cooked Pu-erh with the Tea Mushroom, Kombucha.

This tea is a truly innovative product combining tradition and modern science. We got this idea from our customer and tea-mate, Robert Arnesen, and then turned to our long-time partners, the tea producers Mr.Yang and Mr.Zhang. They used 100kg of 10-year-aged Raw Pu-erh to create this first exclusive batch. During the wet piling step, they added Kombucha. Then, they let the tea leaves ferment for two months. The result is a remarkable tea that heals the gut and assists digestion.

Our special Kombucha Pu-erh tea combines the forces of two traditional remedies for digestion, used across different cultures. Chinese consider cooked Pu-erh a tea that is especially good for the stomach. Its unique production process involves microbial fermentation. Under the influence of heat and moisture, the tea leaves form many enzymes and good bacteria. Enzymes are a key factor in decomposing food. They are especially helpful for breaking down meat and oily food. Thus, they assist our gut and stomach in their daily work. After a heavy meal, the Chinese recommend drinking cooked Pu-erh, which dispels the heaviness and bloating. Additionally, cooked Pu-erh is softer and mellow than its raw counterpart. Its inner substances are gentle and don't irritate the delicate mucus of the stomach and intestines.

On the other hand, Kombucha is rich in various acids like lactic acid. They are known to assist digestion and help with nutrient absorption. It is also a valuable source of Vitamin B12. That vitamin is mostly produced in the gut. A cup of Kombucha brew delivers about 20% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin B12. People make Kombucha by fermenting tea with sugar. You don't need to worry about the sugar content, though, as bacteria consume more than 90% of it during the fermentation process.

Our Kombucha Pu-erh tea has a slender and complete shape. It is pressed by hand with a traditional stone block. The compression is not too tight, making daily usage convenient. Its color is oily, full of vigor reddish brown. The taste is thick and smooth, with notes of orange peels and an intensity that surpasses regular cooked Pu-erh. The flavor is a little fruity and pleasantly sour-ish, which relates to the addition of Kombucha during the fermentation stage. To put the final touch to this authentic product, we have wrapped it in a unique cotton paper handcrafted by the local Dai minority.


• Place of Origin:  Mt.Bulang, Yunnan Province, China
• Altitude: 1600m
• Harvest Time: April 2022
• Picking Standard: 1 bud + 2-3 leaves 
• Aroma: Fruity, Tangy
• Taste: Thick, smooth, with a hint of orange peel and pleasant sour notes coming from Kombucha
• Tea Tree: Ancient Tea Tree (古树茶)  
• Varietal: Da Ye Zhong (大叶种)


Brewing guidelines:

       212℉ / 100℃ 

1g per 50ml   3-5min

     1g per 20ml   5sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion 

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