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Bug-bitten "Oriental Beauty" Dongfang Meiren Oolong Tea


— Sensei, this is such a beautiful tea. Black, brown, white, yellow, and green... the colors remind me of the autumn leaves!

Lao Cha answers — This tea represents the cycles of nature. Every summer, the leafhoppers come to feast on these nutritious tea leaves. Thanks to the natural defense system of the bushes, they provide us with an even sweeter, more vibrant tea than before. The tea leaves, harvested in the summer, are ready for us to enjoy when autumn comes around. Enjoy the honey-like taste and be grateful for the forces that provide us with this exceptional tea. 


Our Oriental Beauty Oolong is an exceptionally unique representative of its kind. The tea is grown by partnering farmers, Mr. Young and Mr. Zhang, in Yunnan, China, following quintessentially Taiwanese oolong processing techniques.

Dongfan Meiren undergoes a common tea processing technique adopted from Taiwan, creating a final product known as “bug-bitten tea.” The tea gardens where the bushes grow are kept natural, without the use of pesticides. Each year thousands of bugs, known as leafhoppers, come to feast on the tea leaves. In turn, the leaves produce certain enzymes and send sugars to the bitten areas. This alters the final taste of the tea wonderfully, creating a honey-like flavor and turning the tea tips white.

After harvest, the tea is heavily oxidized and is almost comparable to black tea. The taste is bright and well-balanced, with notes of fruits and flowers. Its lingering sweet finish gently coats the palate.

The tea leaves are baked in layers with hot air coming from the bottom up. The first roast is done with the temperature at around 90ºC, for about 30min, which leaves the tea leaves half-dry. Then the leaves are left to "rest" to let the moisture that is still remaining in stems spread out to the leaves evenly. Then comes the final baking, done at around 80ºC, for about 3 hours, to fully dry the tea leaves. The relatively cool temperature is preserving tea's natural aroma.

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Mr.Young and Mr.Zhang are two tea-farming partners from Pu-er, Yunnan. They are very knowledgeable in tea growing techniques, inventive, curious, and not shy of experimentation. Young and Zhang use cultivars brought from Taiwan and local ancient, wild trees to create their unique tea varieties.

 Mr. Young's Family  

Place of Origin: Mt. Dahei, Pu'er, Yunnan, China
Harvest Time: Jun 2021
• Cultivar: Jin Xuan (金萱)
• Altitude: 2000m
• Plucking Standard: one bud, two leaves
Dry Leaf: The dry bug-bitten leaves are 5 different colors: black, brown, white, yellow, and green.
• Roast: Light roast.
Aroma: honey, foliage, and champagne.
 Taste: notes of honey, chrysanthemum, and ginger. Very mellow with a long-lingering sweet finish. 


Brewing guidelines:

        195℉ / 90℃ 

6g per 500ml   3-5min

     6g per 110ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion 

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