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Porcelain Gaiwan with Handwritten Calligraphy Gong Fu Set


Discover the world of Gong Fu Cha, the traditional Chinese tea ceremony that will take your tea experience to new heights. In contrast to Western brewing methods that result in a larger, diluted cup of tea, Gong Fu Cha delivers a concentrated, flavorful infusion that allows you to savor the full essence of the tea.

At the heart of the Gong Fu Cha ceremony lies the gaiwan, a quintessential teaware piece that captures the essence of the tea leaves and brings out their best qualities. The gaiwan consists of a bowl, lid, and saucer, creating a vessel that is both elegant and practical. When brewing tea in a gaiwan, you can witness the gradual unfurling of the tea leaves, appreciate their aromas, and indulge in the nuanced flavors that unfold with each infusion.

To truly appreciate the delicate nuances of lighter teas such as green tea, white tea, and yellow tea, porcelain is the teaware material of choice. Porcelain teaware possesses a unique ability to accentuate the subtle notes and fragrances of these teas. Unlike other materials that may absorb or alter the flavors, porcelain provides a clean and neutral canvas that allows the gentle aromas and flavors to shine through. The white background of porcelain beautifully showcases the light tea liquor and the graceful unfurling of the tea leaves, creating a visually pleasing experience that complements the sensory delights of Gong Fu Cha.

The delicate Chinese characters 静, 禅, 悟, 道 (Tranquility, Zen, Enlightenment, Tao) adorn this gaiwan's exterior, telling a story of serenity and self-discovery. With each stroke of the brush, these characters encapsulate the very essence of Gong Fu Cha, inviting us to embark on a profound journey of tea appreciation.

As we hold this porcelain tea set, let us embark on a journey of tranquility, mindfulness, and appreciation for the wonders of tea. With every sip, we are transported to a place of serenity. Let us immerse ourselves in the timeless beauty of Gong Fu Cha, embracing the warmth and grace that this porcelain set brings to our tea experience. Lets savor the art of tea, one infusion at a time.


What is in the set: 

  • Porcelain Gaiwan with Handwritten Calligraphy (110ml)
  • 2 White Porcelain Gong Gu Tea Cups (50ml each)


For the full Gong Fu Cha experience, make sure to have the following items:


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Good feel and balance.

awesome gong fu set!

Quaint and beautiful. The size of the gaiwan is just right! Not too small but at the same time convenient enough to handle if you have smaller hands. The smells of aromatic oolongs brewed in the gaiwan are simply amazing!

Daniel Saint.
using for light aromatic teas

Beautiful gaiwan. The white porcelain is good for seeing the color of the tea. Thus I use it with my teas of lighter colors. The shape of the cups is ideal for teas with high aromatic qualities. Just so brings it to the next level. Good product that I would highly recommen. Good service too.

Nancy Gib
Love it

My first gong fu set for my first quality select tea experiences! Thank you Path of Cha for having me set!