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Handmade Shiboridashi Teapot (Tokoname Clay)


Shiboridashi is a Japanese tea-brewing vessel, similar to gaiwan. It has a lip-spout at the top, and the lid serves as a filter, holding tea leaves inside and ensuring a smooth flow of tea. Shiboridashi teapot is adapted for cooler temperature brewing and is most suitable for high-end shaded Japanese teas, such as Gyokuro. It is often used for brewing Shincha and premium Senchas. Shiboridashi, translated as "to squeeze out," will deliver all the umami that such teas possess.

Unglazed Tokoname black clay enhances the rustic character of this shiboridashi teapot. Being one of Japan's six original kiln styles, Tokoname clay teapots date back to the 8th century, Heian Period. The clay reacts with tannins in the tea and decreases bitterness. With time and use, the unglazed vessel starts reflecting the individual character of its owner. The size of this shibo makes it perfect for solo tea sessions.


Capacity: 80ml

Size: 3" x 2" / 7.6 x 5cm

Material: tokoname black clay, unglazed


NOTE: This shiboridashi is handcrafted. It makes each piece unique and one of a kind. Thus the shibo that you will receive may slightly differ from the photos.

NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

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