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Porcelain Gaiwan with Handwritten Calligraphy Gong Fu Set


If you want to brew your Chinese tea the right way, then try Gong Fu Cha, the Chinese tea ceremony. The resulting cup of tea is comparable to a cup of espresso. On the other hand, western brewing creates something similar to a big cup of coffee, or as it's called in Europe – ‘americano’.

When using a gaiwan, tea is brewed in concentrated quantities. This allows for the full extraction of all the tea's best qualities. Hot water can be added to the same tea leaves up to 13 times with superior quality teas. Each infusion offers us a slightly different taste and aroma. Tea drinkers can appreciate the gradual transformation of tea.

Porcelain is the top choice when drinking light teas like light oolongs, green tea, white tea, and yellow tea. Instead of absorbing, porcelain highlights the subtle notes of the gentle yet aromatic lighter teas. Against the white background, the lighter tea liquor and beautiful unfurling tea leaves are a pleasant sight. 


What is in the set: 

  • Porcelain Gaiwan with Handwritten Calligraphy (110ml)
  • 2 White Porcelain Gong Gu Tea Cups (50ml each)


For the full Gong Fu Cha experience, make sure to have the following items:


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

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