Stone Tea Tray (ChaBan)

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Chaban is a traditional Chinese tea tray which is an integral part of the Gong Fu Tea Ceremony. It is built to collect the excess water and tea which gets spilled during washing, steeping, and pouring. From its elegant and graceful form, we are reminded of the harmony and beauty within the philosophy of tea.

This state of the art stone tea table is a true embodiment of the Gong Fu tea ceremony in all senses. Let the water and tea slowly trickle down while admiring the peacefulness emitted through the artwork.

This tea table is perfect both for solo tea sippings, as well as bigger groups of tea enthusiasts.


  • Material: Stone
  • Weight: 16.7lb / 7kg
  • Dimensions:  20"x8"x1.2" (50x20x3cm)
  • Drain: a plastic hose (coming out of the lower right corner) to connect with a container for the excess of tea (the container is not included)


Teaware is not included

NOTE: This ChaBan is handmade and hand-painted. It makes each tea tray truly unique and one of a kind. So please keep in mind that the delivered tea tray may not appear exactly as pictured, but will be crafted in the same style and spirit.

NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning. 

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