Organic "White Downy" Bai Hao Green Tea

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The wise tea master Lao Cha spoke to a wandering monk one day: 

— If one desires the extravagance of a luxurious banquet, one need not eat a feast to become full. Here, drink some Organic Bai Hao Green Tea. Both your stomach and your soul will be satisfied.

The monk accepted the sweet millet-smelling tea and stepped back on his path, more vigorous than ever.


The taste of our Organic Bai Hao Green Tea is sweet without a hint of grassiness. The flavor is complex. One will be met with a field of grains: sweet millet and the calming aroma of corn. Left lingering on the pallet will be a cooling peppermint taste. Unlike most thin green teas, Bai Hao Green Tea has a thick mouthfeel that pleasantly coats the throat when drinking.

Organic Bai Hao (White Downy) Green Tea grows in Yaming Bai Hao tea garden where chemical pesticides and fertilizers are strictly forbidden. Thick forests surround the garden, and nearly year-round clouds and mist. Particularly these growing conditions are what ensures the high concentration of chlorophyll and amino acids within the tea.


Place of Origin: Longlin County, Guangxi, China 
Harvest Time: May 2019
Aroma: Chestnut with notes of sweet corn
 Taste: Mellow and smooth and fruity, with no hint of bitterness
Caffeine level: Low 


How to brew loose leaf tea, Western Method:


Brewing guidelines:
     175℉ / 80℃ 
 4g    3-4min 
 6g    Rinse. Then 5sec + 5sec  for each subsequent infusion


 How to brew loose leaf tea, Gong Fu style: 


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