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"Leaves in the Wind" Tea Tray (ChaBan)



Traditional Chinese Tea Table, Chaban, is an integral part of the Gong Fu Cha – Chinese Tea Ceremony. It is built to collect water and tea spilled during steeping and pouring. Its elegant, graceful form reminds us of harmony and beauty, helps create an enchanting atmosphere, brings us closer to feeling and understanding the philosophy of tea.  

Carved from Black Alder wood this state-of-the-art tea tray reflects the spirit of Gong Fu Cha. Its compact size allows it to be easily carried around. Drink hot tea and watch the wind blowing away the leaves as the seasons inevitably change. 


Serhiy is a Ukrainian woodwork master. 

Years ago, in his early youth, captivated by the beauty and philosophy of Gong Fu Cha, Serhiy turned a garage into a wood-carving station and started making tea trays and other wooden tea accessories. His hobby quickly grew into a full-time occupation. Soon, it brought him to the "International Tea Expo" in South Korea, where he got introduced to other tea and woodwork masters from around the world from whom he eagerly learned.

His love for nature, wood, tea, and beauty is well reflected in his work. Even today, being an acclaimed wood craftsman, Serhiy never stops learning and honing his craftsmanship. "Leaves in the Wind" is his most recent piece, and we are proud to be able to present it to you. 

  • Material: Black Alder Wood
  • Dimensions:  11.8"x5.9"x2.4" (30x15x6cm)
  • Drain: tray
  • Tray capacity: over 8oz (250ml)


Teaware is not included.

NOTE: This chaban is handmade, making each tea tray unique and one of a kind. So please keep in mind that the delivered cha ban may not appear exactly as pictured but will be crafted in the same style and spirit.

NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning. 

NOTE: The tray is made in Ukraine and shipped straight from there. 

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