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Lan Gun Ren (Ginseng) Oolong Tea (Taiwan)

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Ginseng is a popular medicinal herb throughout Asia, known to improve blood circulation and immunity. It is often used in Chinese medicine, however ginseng is much more intense and slightly bitter when drunk on its own.

When producing Ginseng Oolong, the ginseng gets blended together with the oolong during the roasting process. After being roasted for 6 hours, this tea starts to possess a strong oolong aroma in perfect balance with the sweet and mellow ginseng flavor. What makes this Ginseng Oolong special is the long-lingering sweetness that lasts on the palate of the connoisseur. The natural sweetness of the tea, in perfect harmony with the health benefits, makes it a perfect choice for people of any age, including kids.


  • Place of Origin: Dongding, Lugu Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
  • Tea Type: Oolong Tea
  • Tea Garden: Yong Feng Tea Garden
  • Harvest Date: May 8, 2017
  • Dry Leaf: Rolled into tight balls, coated with American Ginseng powder (Lan Gui Ren)
  • Aroma: Fresh and floral fragrance, subtle ginseng aroma
  • Liquor: Bright orange-yellow
  • Taste: Fresh and sweet taste that is lingering for a very long time 
  • Tea Bush: C.sinensis cv. Si Ji Chun
  • Caffeine Level: Medium 
  • Shelf Life: 2 years


    Brewing directions:

     210℉ / 99℃ 
     5gr     3-4min
     5gr    rinse. Then  7 infusions: 10sec + 5sec each additional time

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