"Kopi Luwak" Coffee (Bali)

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Luwak Coffee comes from the Indonesian island, Bali – an area well known throughout the world for excellent coffee. A small animal, called the Asian Palm Civet is also native to the area. Locals call them Luwak.

These cute little animals live at the trees, and one of their favorite foods is the red, ripe coffee cherry. While in the little guy's stomach, the coffee bean goes through fermentation and then comes out through the digestive system, intact!

The intact beans are collected from the forest floor and cleaned, then roasted and ground just like any other coffee.

The resulting coffee is like no other. Luwak Coffee has a rich flavor with hints of caramel and a delightful finish. The body is very smooth and almost syrupy.

We recommend drinking Kopi Luwak without the addition of milk or sugar.


The practice of drinking Civet Coffee developed during the times of Dutch Colonial rule in Indonesia when coffee plantations were at a rise. While local farmers weren't allowed to harvest coffee beans for themselves, they scavenged for beans during their free time. This is how they discovered Luwak Coffee. Moreover, they found that the fermented Luwak Coffee Beans from the civets are smoother, sweeter, and tastier! 

"Kopi Luwak" Coffee price is relevant to the amount of labor required to produce it. Civets that are kept in a natural and stress-free environment can only eat but so many coffee cherries per day. Be wary of Luwak Coffee that is too cheap. This may indicate that the animals are kept in adverse conditions, or even that it is just regular Arabica coffee beans. The going price for Kopi Luwak Coffee beans is roughly USD 100 for every 100 grams. 

One of the increasingly growing problems with the rise of Luwak Coffee's popularity is the unethical conditions in which the civets are kept. We have personally visited the Kopi Luwak plantation in Bali, Indonesia, where all our coffee is produced. We saw that healthy little civets are cage-free. Living in conditions much like those they would experience in the wild. Once they have reached a mature age, all of the civets are released into the wild. 



  • Net Weight: 60g
  • Coffee Form: Powder
  • Roast: Medium
  • Caffeine Level: Medium
  • Taste: smooth body, mellow and rich, with hints of caramel and delightful finish. 
  • Plantation: Bali Pulina 

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