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Herbal Teas Discovery Collection

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We hand-blend our caffeine-free herbal teas with premium organic herbs. The herbal blends in our menu contain fruits, flowers, seeds, barks, stems, leaves and other botanicals. Our herbal teas exhibit flavors from around the world and are always hand blended in micro-batches, cured for harmony, and cupped before release to ensure the batch is at its prime character. 

Try these samples to see which one speaks to you.


What's in the collection:

1: Apple Awakening (1/2oz)
Great combination of apple and citrus flavors

2: Blueberry World (1/2oz)
Perfect mix of grapes, black currant, blueberry and cornflower

3: Waterlilies (1/2oz)
Great, refreshing pineapple flavor

4: Sweet Peach (1/2oz)
Sweet nectarine drink with notes of peach, apple, orange and chrysanthemum

How to brew loose leaf tea & tisanes:

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