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Gyokuro Hoshino

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Brewing guidelines:

     135-145℉ / 55-65℃ 
 1g per 1oz/30ml   45sec - 1min
  1g per 1oz/30ml   1min, -15sec  for each subsequent infusion 


How to brew loose leaf tea, Western Method:

Gyokuro is rightfully regarded as the highest grade of Japanese tea. It is made only with the first flush leaves. The tea's special processing results in a tea with a sweet, mild flavor and fresh, flowery-green aroma. Gyokuro tea bushes are being shaded from direct sunlight for 20 days prior to harvesting. This makes the tea plant stack on theanine which gives Gyokuro tea leaves their sweetness. Afterward, the leaves are immediately steamed, dried, and carefully rolled into distinctive shapes resembling pine needles.

Our Gyokuro is not from the traditional place of origin of such tea, which is Shizouka prefecture, Japan. Instead, it is harvested near Hoshino town, Fukuoka prefecture (hence the name). This exception is made due to the tea's consistent phenomenal taste and overall quality.

Gyokuro Hoshino is the tea that we wholeheartedly recommend to those who are looking for a tea with exquisite taste.

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