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Elegant Glass Gong Dao Bei (Cha Hai)


Gong Dao Bei, also known as Cha Hai, is a must-have companion for your Gong Fu Cha tea brewing sessions. Crafted from glass, its elegant contours not only please the eye but also offer a gentle touch. With its transparent glass, this Chahai effortlessly complements any tea, allowing you to appreciate and admire the mesmerizing hues of your brew fully. The elongated spout design ensures a seamless pouring experience, eliminating unwanted drips and ensuring a clean and mess-free tea ritual.

Deeply rooted in Chinese tea culture, the Gong Dao Bei, or Fairness Cup, is an indispensable component of the Gong Fu tea set. Its purpose goes beyond aesthetics; it embodies the essence of fairness and equality in the tea-drinking experience. As a thoughtful host, serving each guest with tea of the same intensity of taste and aroma demonstrates an equal measure of respect for all participants in the tea gathering. The Gong Dao Bei embodies this spirit of inclusivity, creating a harmonious atmosphere that fosters appreciation and connection.

Furthermore, the Gong Dao Bei plays a pivotal role in unraveling the captivating journey of tea transformation. With each successive brew, the tea undergoes a subtle metamorphosis, revealing new layers of flavor and aroma. The Gong Dao Bei allows you to observe and discern these intricate changes, enabling you to appreciate the nuances and complexities that unfold with every infusion. As you pour the tea into individual cups, each brew's distinct character, and evolution are clearly distinguished, adding depth and meaning to your tea-drinking experience.

Embrace the artistry and tradition of Gong Fu Cha with this exquisite Gong Dao Bei. Its delicate glass construction, flawless design, and functional elegance make it an essential element of your tea ritual. Elevate your tea sessions as you create moments of shared joy and connection, fostering an environment of fairness and appreciation. Discover the profound beauty that lies within the simplicity of this humble yet significant vessel.

Capacity: 160ml

Size: 2.9 x 3.15 in / 7.5 x 8cm