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Black Pottery Zen Style Teacups


Zen Style (Chan Feng) is known as a style that emulates the simplicity and authenticity of things. It emphasizes simplicity and peacefulness. 

Black Pottery Zen Style (Chan Feng) Teacups are designed in a clean and simple style, without any gaudy decorations. The cups are matte in texture, with a smooth body line. Simple, yet good in quality, they are made in the best traditions of Zen.  


Black Pottery

Black Pottery refers to the pottery made by a carburizing process. It signifies “the civilization of earth and fire, the combination of strength and beauty”. Its texture and workmanship is more delicate and exquisite, which is the reason why black pottery is renowned among collectors of teaware and can stand the test of history. 


What is in the set: 2 cups.

Size: 1.6 x 2.4in / 4 x 6cm

Capacity: 2fl oz / 60ml

Material: Black Pottery. Glazed.


NOTE: Any teaware easily absorbs taste and aromas, hence it should never be washed using detergents.

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