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Gong Fu "White Forest" Bai Lin Black Tea


One day on the top of Taimu mountain, in the Fujian province, while the wise tea master Lao Cha was sipping his tea, he said to his student monk: 

Achieving such flavor from a tea is so difficult that this tea will become extremely rare, but the value will only become higher. This tea will honor all of China! Not a word is to be uttered of this secret recipe. 


Bai Lin (White Forest) Gong Fu is considered the highest quality of Fujian black tea. This tea is fully oxidized. The 'gong fu' in its name indicates that the tea is hand-crafted, with the leaf buds being twisted into thin, tight strips without being broken. When dry, the tea has a sweet, caramel-like scent and has a mix of black and golden-orange pekoe buds. 

These beautiful furry orange tips result from the rigorous picking standard — one leaf and one bud. Brewing this tea, you will see a mesmerizing amber liquor with a honey aroma. The tea itself is syrupy, sweet like yams, and possesses a quite pleasant sour aftertaste. 

This Bai Lin Gong Fu is produced at Mt. Taimu in Fujian and is crafted from Fuding DaBai and Da Hao tea trees. This tea is quite rare, and we are proud to offer it to our customers.


Place of Origin: Hand-crafted at Mt. Taimu in Fujian province
Harvest Time: April 2021
Dry Leaf: black and gold-colored pine needle-shape
Taste: Rich, full-bodied and sweet, with a hint of caramel and sweet & sour finish


Brewing guidelines:

      195℉ / 90℃ 

6g per 500ml   3-5min

     6g per 110ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

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