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Ba Gua "Water Flow" GongFu Tea Tray (Cha Pan)




The traditional Gongfu Tea Table, Cha Pan (茶盘), is an essential tool in Gong Fu Cha tea sessions. Its main function is to collect tea spilled from the teapot. It also serves as a container for used tea leaves. It is elegant and practical at the same time, conveying the spirit of Chinese tea art. The tea table creates a relaxed, down-to-earth atmosphere while beautifully serving its purpose.

This exquisite tea tray is handcrafted from Black Alder wood. It has the Kan trigram sign carved on top. Kan represents the natural force of water in the Ba Gua system. It symbolizes the unconscious, the knowledge distilled from experience, and all things that remain invisible to the eye. Kan represents the creativity that flows from our emotions, the hidden resources that remain beyond our daily consciousness. The water flows gently but relentlessly toward areas beyond our control. It is a way to connect with our subconscious mind, drawing resources and wisdom from it. A beautiful representation of yet another aspect of the Chinese Tea Ceremony.

Serhiy is a Ukrainian woodwork master, a Gong Fu Cha practitioner, and a tea lover. The tea trays and accessories he handcrafts in his garage-turned-wood-carving station all convey the beauty and philosophy of Gong Fu Cha. Serhiy participated in the "International Tea Expo" in South Korea. There, he got the chance to exchange knowledge with woodwork masters from around the world. Serhiy embodies his love of nature, wood, and tea into beautiful art pieces. "Water Flow" is his latest creation we proudly present to you today.


  • Material: Black Alder Wood
  • Dimensions:  11.8"x5.9"x2.4" (30x15x6cm)
  • Drain: tray
  • Tray capacity: over 8oz (250ml)


Teaware in the photos is not included.

NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning. 

NOTE: The tray is made in Ukraine and shipped straight from there. 

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