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Award-Winning Teas Sample Pack



What's in the Discovery Collection:


1: Ali Shan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea - "Golden Leaf Award", Gold Medal, 2017 (15g)
Light fragrance of gardenia and milk with a long-lasting sweet aftertaste
2: Bug-bitten Red Oolong Tea - iTQi Competition, Gold Medal, 2017-2021 (15g)
Roasted, honey-sweet with ripe fruits fragrance and a long-lasting sweet finish

3: "Red Tip" Dian Hong Black Tea - "Global Tea Championship", Silver Medal, 2018 (15g)
Silky, with hints of chocolate and a sweet potatoes aroma 

4: "Golden Buds" Jin Ya Dian Hong Jasmine Black Tea - "Great Taste Award", 2 Stars, 2018 (15g)
Rich, sweet, and mellow with a perfectly balanced fresh jasmine aroma 

5: "Dragon Well" Long Jing Green Tea - "Golden Leaf Award", Gold Medal, 2019 (15g)
Highly refreshing, rich, chestnut taste with no hint of bitterness 

6: "White Peony" Bai Mu Dan White Tea - "Global Tea Championship", Gold Medal, 2018 (15g)
Fresh, sharp, and slightly sweet with soy milk finish


Try our collection of the 6 most acclaimed teas which won prestigious awards around the globe. This discovery collection includes Oolong, Black, Green, and White teas. Exquisite taste and full-bodied fragrances set these six teas apart from all others. 


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