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Aged Ripe Chenpi Pu-erh

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Brewing guidelines:

     210℉ / 99℃  

 4g + 1g of tangerine peel    3-4min

 6g + 2g of tangerine peel    Rinse. Then 10sec + 10sec for each subsequent infusion


 How to brew loose leaf tea, Western Method:


Place of Origin: Yunnan, China.
Tea Type: Ripe Pu-erh tea.
Harvest Time: Apr 1, 2016.
Process: Aged ripe pu-erh tea was put inside of a hollowed-out tangerine
Liquor: Dark red color, thick and bright
Taste: You can taste both the brisk fragrance of tangerine and the mellow taste of pu-er


How to brew loose leaf tea, GongFu style: 


This unusual tea is made of ripe pu-erh tea leaves with chenpi – the Chinese term for dried peel of an orange or a tangerine. Chenpi is often used in traditional Chinese medicine, believed to be good for digestion.

In order to make this tea, the pulp of a tangerine was dug out and the empty space was then filled with leaves of ripe pu-erh. By combining the characteristics of these two different plants, the tea maker created a rich and unique flavor. To control the citrus notes in your tea, we recommend you to experiment with the amount of chenpi pieces in the teapot.

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