Yixing Clay Teapot, ZiSha, Flat Bottom

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ZiSha clay from the delta of Yangtze River, Yixing, has excellent porosity and heat retaining properties that significantly improve the taste of tea when compared to tea made in glass, porcelain or glazed teapots. The clay is made of the mixture of kaolin, quartz, and mica, with a high content of iron oxide, and has a somewhat sandy texture. The steps needed to prepare the clay are quite lengthy and have been traditionally regarded as a trade secret.

The Yixing ZiSha Flat Bottom Teapot only becomes better with age. With each use it will absorb theirs from the tea, creating a shiny coat and its own subtle taste. 


Material: Yixing ZiSha Purple Clay

Volume: 4.3oz/125ml

Dimensions:  5.3 x 2.35in / 13.5 x 6cm


NOTE: This teapot is handmade. It makes each teapot truly unique and one of a kind. So please keep in mind that the delivered teapot may not appear exactly as pictured, but will be crafted in the same style and spirit.

NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning. 

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