Yixing Clay Teapot Gong Fu Set

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If you wish to brew your Chinese tea the right way, try it the Gong Fu Way!

Gong Fu translates as 'right effort.' Putting for our best effort to get the most delightful flavor from the tea — this is Gong Fu Cha.

A cup of gong fu tea is comparable to a cup of espresso. By contrast, brewing western style tea creates an americano — a big cup of coffee.

Using a small teapot, tea is brewed in concentrated amounts. This way, we can extract the full spectrum of the tea's properties. We can add hot water can to the same tea leaves multiple times. With superior teas, it can even be up to 13 times. Taste each tea brew independently to discern the changes in flavor. Tea drinkers can appreciate the evolving stages of the tea. This method also maximizes the quantity of brewed tea from each serving of tea leaves.


What is in the set: 


For the full Gong Fu Cha experience, make sure to have the following items:


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

NOTE: This teapot is handcrafted. It makes each piece unique and one of a kind. Thus the teapot that you will receive may slightly differ from the one in the photos.

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