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Handmade Wen Dan Wood-fired Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: DuanNi)



Among the various shapes of Yixing clay teapots, three stand out for their gracious lines and refined silhouette. Together, they are called "The three beauties". Those are Meiren Jian, Xi Shi, and Wen Dan. We're proud to present this fine example of a Wen Dan teapot with an engraved exterior.

There are two suggestions for the origin of Wendan. Some believe that it was born by imitating the shape of the pomelo fruit (in Chinese, "pomelo" translates as "wendan u", 文旦柚. The more popular belief is that Wen Dan was the craftsman's name. Among the surviving Wen Dan pots, the earliest can be traced back to the early Qing Dynasty, with the name "Wen Dan" carved on the teapot body. Thus, experts suggest that, similarly to Meng Chen and other famous pot shapes, Wendan is also named after the pot maker. 

Our Wen Dan pot is made of high-quality coarse Duan Ni. It comes in limited quantities, is excellent for raising, and has optimal air permeability. The Wen Dan teapot fully embodies the softness and elegance of ancient times femininity.

A majority of the pots on the market are produced in electric kilns. Our Wendan teapot is entirely wood-fired. The ashes from the wood are naturally absorbed to form the color of the teaware. The falling ash particles naturally shape the pattern and texture of its body during the firing in a unique transformation that takes place inside the kiln.

From a practical point of view, the biggest advantage of the wood-fired purple clay teapot is its ability to soften the water. The rich mineral content of the clay interacts with the tea soup, enhancing its aroma and enriching the tea-tasting experience.

This Wen Dan teapot is finely carved with an excerpt from Su Shi's beautiful poem "Calming The Wind and Waves" (thanks to Frank Yue for the translation):


"Drumming forest leaves, listen not to the rain's striking song; 
Just chant, sing verses, howl and ramble leisurely along. 
A pair of straw sandals, a bamboo cane
– Lighter, better than a horse with flowing mane. 
Why fear?" 


Su Shi was one of Ancient China's greatest poets. He wrote this poem during his exile in Huangzhou (today's Hubei province). It shows his unrestrained attitude and broad-mindedness while encountering the vicissitudes of life, still managing to "ride the wind and rain".

The master of this pot is Liu Xiu Hua. A talented craftsman, she is devoted to blending tradition and innovation. After years of research and exploration, she has carved her own path in the art of Zi Sha. Liu Xiuhua focuses on shape, spirit, and energy in her works, working with high-quality clays from trusted sources. Through her innovative techniques of working with Zisha, she penetrates texture and form, forming a new creative concept for Zisha products.


    Capacity: 130ml

    • Speed of pour: 11 ml/sec (since each teapot is individually crafted, the pouring speed may vary)

    • Filter: traditional, 9 holes

    Material: DuanNi (Yixing Clay, ZiSha) – 緞泥

    • Shape: Wen Dan – 文旦


    NOTE: This teapot is handmade. It makes each piece unique and one of a kind. Thus the teapot that you will receive may slightly differ from the one in the photos.

    NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

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