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Kyusu Teapot


Kyusu, a beloved teapot in Japanese tea culture, has stood the test of time as an integral part of the tea-drinking tradition. Crafted from ceramic, it embodies functionality and elegance, making it a cherished item in teaware collections.

With its white color, Kyusu symbolizes the essence of purity and simplicity – qualities deeply revered in Japanese culture. As you hold this ceramic teapot, its smooth surface offers a tactile experience that is soothing and grounding. The gentle curves and graceful lines of Kyusu reflect the harmony between form and function, inviting you to partake in the meditative act of brewing tea.

Designed with practicality in mind, this Kyusu boasts a generous capacity of 200ml, making it an ideal choice for brewing Japanese teas. Whether you prefer the vibrant and grassy notes of Sencha, the comforting blend of green tea and roasted rice in Genmaicha, or the unique character of Guricha, this versatile teapot accommodates all with ease.

The Kyusu's enlarged handle offers a secure and comfortable grip as you pour the tea. With this teapot in hand, you have full control over the flow of the tea, ensuring a smooth and seamless pour that enhances the tea-drinking experience.

Embracing the rich heritage of Japanese tea culture, Kyusu is a vessel that has witnessed countless tea sessions and shared moments of tranquility. Whether you embark on a solitary tea ceremony or gather with loved ones to enjoy a cup of tea, Kyusu becomes a conduit through which the spirit of the tea is honored and celebrated.

Whether you are an avid tea enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of Japanese tea, Kyusu ceramic teapot is an indispensable companion on your tea journey. With each pour, savor the delicate aromas, the vibrant colors, and the nuanced flavors that unfold within your cup. The simple act of brewing tea becomes a ritual, a moment of respite in a fast-paced world, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Allow Kyusu to be your companion as you explore the artistry and serenity that tea brings to your life.


Capacity: 200 ml

Material: Stoneware. Glazed on the outside, unglazed on the inside. 

Size: 5.9 x 2.7 in / 15 x 7 cm


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
hannah landes
Beautiful little pot

I bought this for my bigger leaf teas like white teas and oolongs so I could separate their brewing from my puerh tea pot, and it’s perfect for that. It’s larger than I thought, but that makes it perfect for teas that really expand as they brew. There’s a very effective built-in strainer to prevent clogging. My only issue is that the lid leaks a little as I pour, it’s not a perfect seal.

Jared Thompson

It's a good kyusu for everyday use. The unpretentious and esthetically pleasing look combined with a fast steady pour and surprisingly good filtering – this teapot is a good deal for the price. I'm happy with the purchase. Thank you.